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See also: Andris Solims's composer page.

General Information

Country of origin: Latvia

Contributor since: 2004-08-20

Number of scores on CPDL: 230

Works with editions by this editor: 262 (see list)

Contact Information

E-mail: asolims  At sign.png

Skype: Andris Solims



  • The First Secondary School of Kraslava (Latvia).
  • The Music School of Kraslava (accordion class).
  • The Major Seminar of Riga.
  • The Pontifical Institute of Liturgy St. Anselm (Rome).


From age of 11 years I play the Organ and from 14 years I worked as organist and conductor of choirs in the different parishes of Latvia and in The Major Seminary of Riga, too (during the studies). I like the Church music very much and often have to harmonize choral scores in Latin, Latvian, Polish for use of choir during the worships. Many of them are just present (without my name or with) on my website above.