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See also: David Millard's composer page.

General information

Country of origin: Canada

Contributor since: 2010-11-27

Works with editions by this editor: 22 (see list)

Translations by this editor:

Contact information

e-mail: orgelspieler1 At sign.png


Any works I have posted on CPDL are free to perform, so there is no need to contact me for permission to perform. If you have questions about any of my contributions, feel free to contact me. Likewise, I'd like to hear from anyone who does mount a performance of one of my contributions.


BMus, University of Victoria, 1982

MA (Linguistics) UBC, 1990


I have been an organist and choir director since the age of sixteen. I am currently Director of Music at St. Martin's Anglican Church in North Vancouver. In addition, I direct two community choirs: the Vivaldi Chamber Choir and the Vancouver Jewish Folk Choir. I do a lot of choral arranging for both groups, and some composing. I expect to make some of each available at CPDL soon. My interest as an editor is in the Renaissance and early Baroque periods.

Personal Copyright Terms

The principal terms of my personal copyright are:

You may download, copy, distribute my editions freely as long as my editorial attribution is maintained. Performance for profit (e.g. as part of a concert with a paid admission) is permitted. Republication for profit is not permitted. You may not 'reverse engineer' my MIDI files as a shortcut to modifying my work (e.g. in order to reprint with layout or editorial changes). You may use the MIDI files to highlight individual voice parts in order to make rehearsal aids.

Where I have included cover pages and editorial notes, you are free to save paper by printing only the actual music pages for your singers.

These conditions hold for editions under my own name and for Éditions Doulce Mémoire.