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General Information

Country of origin: United States

Contributor since: 2006-05-30

Number of scores on CPDL: 2

Works with editions by this editor: 3 (see list)

Stuff 'n nonsense

I've been adding a lot of items to the Verified Editions pages, and you may wonder at how I can do it so quickly. All I have to say (for now) is that Google's special syntaxes are our friend. A Google search for "cpdl #669", for example, will result in exactly one result: Das zerbrochne Ringlein by Gluck, which is CPDL #669.

Just do this ... umm ... lots of times, keeping track of page titles and numbers in a spreadsheet. It's really helpful if your spreadsheet program has a CONCATENATE function. I haven't writen any of the links on the pages I've edited -- just have the program concatenate the title and page number with the appropriate Wiki markup -- [ [ Title | Number ] ]<br> -- and you're golden.


Unless otherwise indicated under Exceptions (below), my work is available for use under the "Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License (US version 3.0)". You may copy, distribute, display, and perform the work. You may also create derivative works based on it, as long as you state that your derivative is based on my edition AND you grant others the right to use your derivative work in the same ways as my original edition. In other words: "Play nice, and share your toys".

Exceptions: None at this time.

What I'm working on right now

Cleaning up Requested articles. This is probably a lost cause, as it will probably be superseded by Category:Requests.