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General Information

Contributor since: 2002-07-07

Number of scores on CPDL:

Original compositions: 6 (Coronach, Four Songs on Love's Passing, In die mee sepulture, In freezing winter night, In the bleak midwinter, Quand vous serez bien vieille).

Arrangements: at least 3 (Mennyből az angyal (Hungarian), Caecilia (German), El Rossinyol (Catalan)).

Reductions: Robert Carver, O bone Jesu, reduced from 19 voices to 6; Thomas Tallis, Spem in alium, and Alessandro Striggio, Ecce beatam lucem, both reduced from 40 voices to 11; Nicolas Gombert, Regina caeli, reduced from 12 voices to 9; O fortunato giorno by Cristoforo Malvezzi reduced from 30 voices to 10.

Completions of works with missing parts: Robert Parsons, Domine quis habitabit a6, Peccantem me quotidie a5 (both recorded in these editions by the Cardinall's Musick) & Latin Magnificat; Jacobus Clemens non Papa, Percelebres dic mysta modos a6; Adrian Tubal, Ego sum panis vivus & Angelus Domini; Francesco de Layolle, O bone Jesu a4, Stabat mater a5 & Passio tua Domine a4; Marbrianus de Orto, Descendi in hortum meum; Alfonso Ferrabosco I, In die tribulationis (section from Inclina Domine); Noel Bauldeweyn, Stabat virgo iuxta crucem a6 and Benedicam Domino a5; Joannes Zacheus, Philippe qui vidit me a5; Petit Jean de Latre, Peccavi super numerum arenae maris a5; various motets by Jakob Reiner. Also one short section of White's Lamentations a6, which may or may not have been missing a voice part (as one partbook is lost). Lamentations a6 and Benedictus a8 by Antonio Mogavero (however, Mogavero's Lamentations are extant complete in another source).

Underlay of textless work: Hermanus De Atrio, In Mariam vite viam. Contrafactum: 'Tristis est anima mea', based on 'Caro dolce ben mio' by Alessandro Striggio.

Editions of Renaissance works by Anonymous (including Italian laude), Benedictus Appenzeller, Arcadelt, Avenarius, Jean Barra (Hotinet), Barré, Noel Bauldeweyn, Beaulaigue, Beausseron, Jacquet de Berchem, Billon, Jean le Bouteiller, Brumel, Joachim (?) Cabilliau, Cambio, Cornelius Canis, Carceres, Carpentras, Certon, Hugo de la Chapelle, Jacobus Clemens non Papa, Cobrise, Coclico, Jean Conseil, Contino, Séverin Cornet, Jean Courtois, Crecquillon, Jean Crespel, Divitis, Jean de la Fage, Antoine de Févin, François Dulot, Escobedo, Juan Escribano, Simon Ferrariensis, Festa, Andrea Gabrieli, Johannes Gallus, Gandavo, Mathieu Gascongne, Ghibel, Nicolas Gombert, Claude Goudimel, Jean Guyot, Harsius, Nicolle des Celliers de Hesdin, Christian Hollander, Jacquet of Mantua, 'Jodon', de Latre, Lebel, Lebrun, Jean Lhéritier, Lestainnier, Alonso Lobo, André Lopes, Lupacchino, Johannes Lupi, Pedro de Cristo, De Macque, Maillard, Maistre Jhan, Pierre de Manchicourt, Marenzio, Michot, Misonne, Philippe de Monte, Antoine de Mornable, 'Morel', Jean Mouton, Naich, Giovannia Maria Nanino, Paminger, Hilaire Penet, Andreas Pevernage, Peter Philips, Dominique Phinot, Piéton, Pionnier, Pitti/de Pictis, de Ponte, Porta, Christophorus Potier, Prenner, Rein, Jean Richafort, Robledo, Nicolas Rogier, Jean Rousée, Claudin de Sermisy, Jean Servin, Ludwig Sennfl, Andreas de Silva, Tonsor, Alexander Utendal, Jacobus Vaet, Philippe Verdelot, Pierre Vermont, Viola, Hubert Waelrant, Gaspar van Weerbeke, Philip van Wilder, etc.

Collaboration with Jonathan Goodliffe on editing of scores by Valls, Ceballos, Serra, Pacheco, etc.

Also numerous translations.

Works with editions by this editor: 843 (see list)

Contact Information

email: MickSwithinbank  At sign.png


MA in Modern and Medieval Languages, University of Cambridge, England

Numerous courses in European languages completed since then.


Born in England, resident in Luxembourg. Professional translator and amateur choir director, singer, harpsichordist and music arranger/editor.