Ut re mi fa sol la

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General information

The opening syllables are of course based on the hexachord.

Settings by composers


Texts and Translations

Italian.png Italian text

Ut re mi fa sol la: ogni armonia
abbraccia con dolcezza,
come il viso gentil d'Urania mia
accoglie ogni bellezza.
Dunque spesso cantate:
la sol fa mi re ut, voci beate
che l'alma si compiace
quando sente cantar con meraviglia
ciò ch'a lei si somiglia.

English.png English translation

Ut re mi fa sol la: every harmony
embraces with sweetness,
as the gentle face of my Urania
welcomes every beauty.
So sing often:
la sol fa mi re ut, O blessed voices
that the soul takes joy in,
when it hears singing with wonder
that which resembles her.

Translation by Allen Garvin

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