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Born: 29 APR 1821

Died: 6 OCT 1904


William Albert Morfey was born on 29 April 1821 in Ipswich, Suffolk, to Sophia Fides Levett, age 20, and William Morfey, age 21. At the age of 60, his mother was listed in the Census as "professional piano teacher", and William was not her only musical child.

William's brothers Frederick and Ebenezer went into partnership as "Messrs. Morfey, Professors of Music" in Buslem, Suffolk. They took pupils for lessons on pianoforte, harmonium, violin; they sold, hired out, repaired and tuned instruments. And they were available to perform for concerts, balls, and parties. Another brother, Jabez, was a professional music teacher.

By 1845, at the age of 24, WA Morfey appeared in the Census as a Composer of hymn tunes, living in Stoke By Nayland, Suffolk, England.

He married Emma Ann Surridge on 1 January 1850 in Cardiff, Glamorgan, and went on to have nine children in 17 years.

By 1851, he was a Boarding Schoolmaster, and went on to have a career as a civil servant in the field of Education.

He died on 6 October 1904 in West Ham, Essex.

In his will, he left the substantial sum of £77 8s. 10d to his son, described in probate as "Oscar Morfey Professor-of-Music".

His descendants have all had a passion for music, including his great-grandson Kenneth Dalgliesh, who gave permission for WA Morfey's music to be published; and me.

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