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Born: 26 September 1767, Turnau

Died: 3 August 1835


Wenzel Müller was an Austrian composer and conductor. He studied with Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf and performed as a theatre musician in his youth. In 1786 he became Kapellmeister at the Theater in der Leopoldstadt in Leopoldstadt, Vienna. After a short spell at the German theatre in Prague from 1807 until 1813 he returned to Leopoldstadt where he worked until 1830. Under his leadership, the theatre became one of the most important venues in Viennese musical life. He died in Baden bei Wien.

He was a popular and prolific composer producing more than 250 works. Although he wrote several popular stage works (mostly Singspiele), his vocal art songs are his enduring legacy. He is said to have composed what is falsely known as Mozart's "Twelfth Mass", the Missa in G major K Anh.232 (C1.04).

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