William Henry Burleigh

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Born: 12 February 1812

Died: 18 March 1871


Burleigh was an active reformer and member of the Unitarian denomination. In 1837, he went to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where, having been previously apprenticed in the printing trade, he published the Christian Witness and Temperance Banner. In 1843, he became editor of the Christian Freeman at Hartford, Connecticut. From 1849-1855, he was an agent of the New York State Temperance Society. From 1855-1870, he was Harbormaster in New York City.

Burleigh contributed poems and hymns to various periodicals and journals. Many of these were collected and published as Poems (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 1841). This volume was enlarged with additional pieces and republished by Burleigh’s widow in 1871. (From the Cyber Hymnal)

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