A Second Book of New Anthems and Psalm Tunes (John Broderip)

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General information

John Broderip's A Second Book of New Anthems and Psalm Tunes was his second publication of church music. It was published in 1749 in London, being advertised in the Sherborne MercuryLink to the English Wikipedia article on 1 May that year). The imprint of this first issue states that it was 'Printed for, & sold by A. Simpson in Sweetings Alley Royal Exchange, sold also by the Author at Wells; where may be had the first Book: Also the Flower Garden a Collection of Songs & Cantatas compos'd by Mr Broderip'. The Hymn Tune Index notes that the copy of this first issue cited in the index is incomplete, all pages after p36 being lost: the extant contents are however identical to the corresponding pages in the second issue, published by Charles and Samuel Thompson around 1764.

Publication date and place: 1749 London: A. Simpson.

List of works

Pages Description Text
011-11 An Anthem of Thanksgiving for the Peace, Psalm 46th God is our hope and strength
0211-19 Anthem, Psalm 57th Awake up my glory
0319-28 Anthem, Psalm 122d O pray for the peace of Jerusalem
0429-34 A Hymn for Christmas Day Arise and hail the sacred day
0534 Psalm 48th, new Version The Lord, the only God, is great
0635 Psalm 130th, New Version From lowest depths of woe
0736 Psalm 128th New Version The man is blest who fears the Lord
0837-38 Psalm 47th New Version O all ye people, clap your hands
0938-39 Ps. 18th, old Version The Lord descended from above
1040-41 105th O render thanks and bless the Lord
1141 Ps. 139th new Ver. Lord, let me know my term of days
1242 [Untitled, but text is Psalm 43, New Version] Just judge of heaven, against my foes
1342-43 Ps. 46 new version God is our refuge in distress
1443-44 Ps. 136 new Version To God, the mighty Lord

Works at CPDL

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External links

  • Hymn Tune Index details for source BrodJSB a, the first issue of the book in 1749.
  • Hymn Tune Index details for source BrodJSB b, the second issue of the book in c1764.