Antonio Buzzolla

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(Adria, 2 marzo 1815 – Venezia, 20 marzo 1871
Born: 02 March 1815
Died: 20 March 1871
Biography Antonio Buzzolla (March 2, 1815 – March 20, 1871) was an Italian composer and conductor. A native of Adria, he studied in Venice, and later worked with Gaetano Donizetti and Saverio Mercadante. He composed five operas, but was better known in his lifetime for ariettas and canzonettas in the Venetian dialect. Beginning in 1855 he served as the maestro di cappella of the Cappella Marciana at St Mark's Basilica in Venice. Buzzolla was one of the composers invited by Giuseppe Verdi to contribute to the Messa per Rossini; he composed the opening movement, the Requiem e Kyrie. He died in Venice in 1871.

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