Benedictus Ducis

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Aliases: Benedictus Duch; Benedictus Dux; Benedictus Herzog; Benedictus Hertoghs


Born: c. 1492 near Konstanz

Died: 1544 near Ulm

Biography Benedictus Ducis was a a Flemish-German composer and Protestant pastor, not to be confused with Benedictus Appenzeller (Swiss musician who lived in Belgium) or Benedictus de Opiciis (court organist of Henry VIII). He was organist of the Lady Chapel in the cathedral at Antwerp, and 'Prince de la Gilde' in the brotherhood of St. Luke in that city. He left Antwerp for England in 1515, although little is known of his presumably short tenure there. He was connected with the Reformation and became a pastor at various churches in the Geislingen and Ulm regions. His compositions bear a decided Flemish character, similar to that of Josquin, although other experts say that his style is closer to that of Heinrich Isaac and Sixt Dietrich, and his use of the cantus firmus is unusually free.

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