Cappella Sistina MS 51

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General information

Title: Cappella Sistina MS 51

Publication date and place: 14841492 in Rome. – Manuscript

Genre: Sacred. Language: Latin.

Description: A collection of masses and mass fragments for four voices compiled for use in the Sistine Chapel. This manuscript was assembled during the pontificate of Innocent VIII (1484-1492); however, items 2 to 20 (ie. the majority of the manuscript) appear to have been copied in Naples between 1472 and 1475.

Facsimile: Vatican Library

List of works

1. Credo (Anonymous)
2. Missa Accueilly m'a la belle (Firminus Caron)
3. Missa Pour quoy quelque peine (Cornelius Heyns) - attributed elsewhere to Johannes Ockeghem
4. Missa O gloriosa regina (Johannes Vincenet)
5. Missa Et super nivem dealbabor (Nicolas de Clibano)
6. Missa Iesus autem transiens (Firminus Caron)
7. Missa la basse danse (Guillaume Faugues)
8. Missa Vinnus vina (Guillaume Faugues)
9. Missa Sanguis sanctorum (Firminus Caron)
10. Missa L'ardant désir (Antoine Busnois)
11. Missa O Crux lignum triumphale (Antoine Busnois)
12. Missa D'ung aultre amer (Philippe Basiron)
13. Missa Regina caeli (Philippe Basiron)
14. Missa O Venus bant o Venus brant (Gaspar van Weerbeke)
15. Missa Orsus orsus (Johannes Martini)
16. Missa Cela sans plus (Johannes Martini)
17. Missa Je ne demande (Anonymous) - possibly by Philippe Basiron
18. Gloria (Anonymous)
19. Credo de village (Nicolas de Clibano)
20. Credo Des tous biens pleine (Gaspar van Weerbeke)
21. Credo (Bertrandus Vaqueras) - for five voices
22. Credo (Anonymous)
23. Credo (Bertrandus Vaqueras)
24. Missa Salve diva parens (Jacob Obrecht)

Works at CPDL

Title Composer No. Subgenre Vo. Voices
Missa O gloriosa regina Johannes Vincenet 4 Masses 4 SAAT
Missa Salve diva parens Jacob Obrecht 24 Masses 4 SATB
Missa la basse danse Guillaume Faugues 7 Masses 4 ATTB


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