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Born: 1955

Biography David Hamilton was born in 1955 in Napier, New Zealand and is a leading contempory composer. He was Head of music at Epsom Girls' Grammar School in Auckland until 2001 but now spends much of his time on composing. He has composed well over 100 works for choirs with orchestra or organ. For many of his songs he takes words from poems and writes music for them, such as a setting of Tennyson's poem "Ask me no more" for soprano and piano, which won the Ned Rorem Award for Song Composition in the USA. Works have been commissioned by most major New Zealand groups including the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the New Zealand Youth Choir and Radio New Zealand. His works are increasingly being performed in countries around the world, eg. in Italy, Japan, Singapore and the USA. Recent major works include Missa semplice, first performed in March 2007, scored for SAB choir with piano or ogan and Missa Pacifica, first performed in November 2005, scored for SAB Choir and orchestra

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List of choral works

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  • 1980 Poem about the sun slinking off and pinning up a notice SATB, SSAB, SSAA, or TTBB
  • 1981 Old London street cries (revised 1993) SATB
  • 1983 Transatlantic SATB
  • 1983 This old hammer (from transatlantic) SSAA
  • 1983/84 3 songs from 'Othello' SSATB
  • 1984 The computer's first christmas card 1-3 SSA groups, TB
  • 1985 The moon is silently singing 2 SSATB choirs, 2 horns
  • 1986 And just now SATBB
  • 1987 The moon is distant from the sea SAB or SSA, piano
  • 1987 Darkness 14-part women's voices, flute
  • 1988 Caliban's song SSAATTBB
  • 1988 From age to age endure solo soprano, SATB, ensemble (fl, cl, trp, bass, pf) or piano duet (commissioned by Auckland * Youth Choir)
  • 1988 Jerry Jones (from from age to age endure) SA, SSAA or SATB, flute, piano
  • 1988 What, still alive? (from from age to age endure) TTBB
  • 1988 The silent voices (from from age to age endure) solo soprano, SATB or SSAA, flute, piano
  • 1988 Epitaph to Mrs Freland (from from age to age endure) solo soprano, SSATB, piano duet
  • 1988 Hanmer woods (from a Robin Hyde cycle) 2 ssa choirs, 2 oboes, piano, strings
  • 1988/9 Sea song (from a Robin Hyde cycle) 2 saatb choirs
  • 1989 Leviathan 2 SSAA choirs, oboe, tape
  • 1989 Laksin mina kesayona kaymaan 2 ssa choirs (Finnish folk song: text in Finnish and English)
  • 1989 Song for a young country SSAATTBB (commissioned for the closing ceremony of the XIVth Commonwealth Games)
  • 1990 Paraha alto solo, SSAATB, 2 trp, hn, 2 trom, 2 perc, pf, org, (commissioned by Christchurch Harmonic & Auckland Choral Soc)
  • 1991 Rossetti fragments SATB, orchestra (reduced accompaniment also available for flute, alto sax and 2 pianos; SSAA version also available) (commissioned by Hamilton music school 1991)
  • 1991 Song for a spring morning SATB, SSAA or SA, piano (optional untuned percussion) (commissioned by Guy e. Jansen)
  • 1992 These islands (volume 1) 4 NZ songs for unison voices, optional harmony part, and piano
  • 1992 Ports of call SATB
  • 1993 Sea vision SSA, cello and percussion
  • 1993 Three Robin Hyde impressions SATB, piano (commissioned by Robert Lutt and World Projects (California))
  • 1993 Rakiura SSAATTBB, alto solo (commissioned by the Auckland Dorian Choir)
  • 1993 Road's end SSAA, piano
  • 1993/94 These islands (volume 2) 4 nz songs for unison voices, optional harmony part, and piano
  • 1989/94 There is a solemn wind tonight SSA or SAb, flute, piano
  • 1994 The sea child SATB or SSAA, flute, piano (commissioned by Ashburton College)
  • 1995 A Galway suite SSATB
  • 1995 The true dead speak SATB, clarinet, piano (commissioned by Mercury Bay Area School, Whitianga)
  • 1996 The mechanical dragon SSA, piano
  • 1996 A dragon is in my computer SA, piano
  • 1996 Night country music SAATB (commissioned by the Renaissance singers, Palmerston North)
  • 1996 Once they all believed in dragons SAB, piano
  • 1997 Tryst SATB, jazz trio (piano, bass, drums)
  • 1997 Two colonial lyrics 2 SSA choirs, piano
  • 1998 Benue lullaby SSA or SSATB, piano, bongos
  • 1998 I have a dozen dragons SA, piano (with optional flute)
  • 1998 My gifts to keep SA, piano
  • 1998 Rainbow nation SATB, piano
  • 1998 I made something strange with my chemistry set SA, piano (instrumental parts also available)
  • 1998 The hunting of the snark solo baritone, SSATB
  • 1998 Friends SA, piano
  • 1989/99 Black billy tea SAB, piano
  • 1999 Song of a drifter TTBB or SATB, piano
  • 1999 Bubbles SA, piano
  • 1999 In a glorious garden green SSA, piano, percussion
  • 1999 A Shakespeare Garland SAATB, piano, guitar (optional)
  • 1999 Shall i compare thee to a summerÕs day SSA, guitar or piano
  • 2000 Crumpy! TTBB, piano
  • 2000 On the swag SSA, piano
  • 2000 Songs for the open road TTBB
  • 2000 I watched a televangelist SATB, piano
  • 2000 Catch me the moon 2 SSA choirs and soprano Saxophone (commissioned by the ohfu female chorus, Tokyo, Japan)
  • 2000 Creatures SA, piano
  • 2000 Rain songs (1999, revised 2000) SSAATTBB (commissioned by the NZ National Youth Choir)
  • 2001 Relatively speaking SA, piano
  • 2002 Zoo Doings TTBB
  • 2002 Whisper You All The Way Home SSATB
  • 2002 Three Bush Ballads TTBB
  • 2002 Decisions SA, piano
  • 2002 The Wine-Rich Arteries SATB, piano (commissioned by GALS, Auckland)
  • 2004 On His Queerness TTBB
  • 2004 For the Fallen SATB, organ (commissioned by Wellington Cathedral of St Paul)
  • 2004 Time Pieces TTBB, piano
  • 2005 Karanga SSAATTBB
  • 2005 Na Blátha Craige SSAATTBB
  • 2005 Rain in the Night SSAATTBB
  • 2005 The Moon Shines Everywhere SSAATTBB
  • 2005 Male Call TTBB
  • 2005 Chinese Moon SSSAA
  • 2005 Computer Computer SA, piano
  • 2006 In Character SA, piano
  • 2006 A Winter Twilight SATB (commissioned by Auckland Youth Choir)
  • 2006 Ballad (O What is that Sound?) TBB, piano
  • 2006 Pangur Ban SA, piano, percussion (optional;) (commissioned by Boston City Singers)
  • 2006 The True History Of Resurrection Jack TBB, piano
  • 2006 Wynken, Blynken, And Nod SA, piano
  • 2006 Friendship Songs Volume 1 SA, piano
  • 2006 Remember SSAA, flute (commissioned cy North Shore Ladies Choir)
  • 2006 Excuses, Excuses SAB, piano
  • 2006 The Moon Always Follows The Sun SAB, piano
  • 2006 Not Made With Hands SSA, piano
  • 2007 Where Did You Come From, Baby Dear? SSAA, congas, double bass
  • 2007 When My Mother Sings To Me SA, piano
  • 2007 My Other Jandal SATB
  • 2007 Night Watch Song 2-part male voices (TB) and piano

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