Ego dormio

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General information

Source of text is Song of Solomon 5:2,5:6a,8:6a,4:7a & 4:3a.

Settings by composers

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

5:2  Ego dormio, et cor meum vigilat: vox dilecti mei pulsantis,
Aperi mihi, soror mea, [sponsa,] amica mea, columba mea, [formosa mea, speciosa mea,]
immaculata mea. Quia caput meum plenum est rore, et cincinni mei guttis noctium.
5:6a  Aperui dilecto meo pessulum ostii mei [at ille totus desiderabilis clamans ad me]
8:6a  Pone me sicut signaculum super cor tuum…quia fortis est ut mors dilectio tua
4:7a  Tota pulchra es, amica mea
4:3a  Labia tua sicut vitta coccinea eloquium tuum dulce sicut fragmen mali punici.
Bracketed words not in the Vulgate.

German.png German translation

Translation by Peter Rottländer
5:2  Ich schlafe, aber mein Herz liegt wach.
Öffne mir, meine Schwester, meine Taube,
meine Makellose, denn mein Haupt ist voll Tau und meine Locken voller Tropfen der Nacht.

English.png English translation

5:2  I sleep, and my heart watcheth: the voice of my beloved knocking:
Open to me, my sister,[my spouse,] my love, my dove,[my beautiful, my fair one,]
my undefiled: for my head is full of dew, and my locks of the drops of the nights.
5:6a  I opened the bolt of my door to my beloved: [and she called to me, who is all lovely.]
8:6a  Put me as a seal upon thy heart,… for love is strong as death
4:7a  Thou art all fair, O my love
4:3a  Thy lips are as a scarlet lace: and thy speech sweet as a piece of a pomegranate.

Douai-Rheims version

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