Gertrude Hine

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Born: 1854

Died: 1946


Gertrude Mary Hine was born in Kentish Town, England, daughter of the eminent landscape painter Henry George Hine (1811–1895). Living in Hampstead, London, she became a respected musician, known as a soloist and composer, especially in conjunction with the Hampstead Choral Society. Her compositions are mostly songs and part songs, with her most popular compositions being a set of nursery rhymes. In 1884, she married Alfred Robert With (1852–1921). Among her nine sisters and four brothers were Harry Hine, a member of the Institute of Painters in Water-colours, William Egerton Hine, art master at Harrow School, and Maud Egerton Hine (1867–1927) who often collaborated as lyricist. She died in Hampshire, England.

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