Great Father of mankind

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General information

This is an hymn by Philip Doddridge, published posthumously in 1755, entitled The Stranger Entertained in God's House of Prayer, based on Isaiah 66:6-7 compared with Matthew 21:13 and Ephesians 2:19.

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Text and translations

English.png English text

1. Great Father of mankind,
We bless that wondrous grace
Which could for Gentiles find
Within Thy courts a place.
How kind the care
Our God displays,
For us to raise
A house of prayer!

2. Though once estranged far,
We now approach the throne;
For Jesus brings us near,
And makes our cause His own:
Strangers no more,
To Thee we come,
And find our home,
And rest secure.


3. To Thee our souls we join,
And love Thy sacred Name;
No more our own, but Thine,
We triumph in Thy claim.
Our Father-King,
Thy covenant grace
Our souls embrace,
Thy titles sing.

4. Here in thy house we feast
On dainties all divine;
And, while such sweets we taste,
With joy our faces shine.
Incense shall rise
From flames of love,
And God approve
The sacrifice.


5. May all the nations throng
To worship in Thy house;
And Thou attend the song,
And smile upon their vows;
Indulgent still,
Till earth conspire
To join the choir
On Zion's hill.

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