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==Donating to CPDL==
#redirect [[ChoralWiki:Donations]]
CPDL has not applied for non-profit status at this time. We depend on contributions by users of our system and other kind individuals or organizations, in the form of time, skill, server space, etc. Nevertheless, there are fixed costs (software, hardware, access charges). These costs have amounted to ~$2,000/year in the past, and we foresee this cost growing as the CPDL site grows to serve more users worldwide and we take measures to improve web site availability.
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====Partner Affiliation with SheetMusicPlus====
:If you need to buy music that is not available here, click on the SheetMusicPlus banner on the left of every CPDL page, and a minimum of 8% of your purchase will go to CPDL.
====Monetary Donations====
:CPDL does not currently accept monetary donations - please [[ChoralWiki:Volunteers|volunteer your time]] instead!
Checks can be sent to CPDL at the address below:
:this is no longer a valid address, and we are not able to accept checks
:Rafael Ornes (c/o CPDL)
:696 Boynton Ave.
:San Jose, CA 95117
All money will be used to pay the fixed costs of running the website, and an account will be posted each year (in the past CPDL has received ~$200 in unsolicited donations yearly).

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