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==Donating to CPDL==
#redirect [[ChoralWiki:Donations]]
CPDL will always be a non-profit project that depends on the donations of many people, in the form of time, skill, server space. Nevertheless, there are fixed costs (software, hardware, access charges) which I pay out of pocket. These costs have amounted to ~$2,000/year, and the cost is growing as the CPDL site grows. There are two primary ways to make a monetary donation:
*<b>Partner Affiliation w/SheetMusicPlus:</b> If you need to buy music that is not available here, click on the SheetMusicPlus link on the CPDL main page, and 8% of your purchase will go to CPDL.
*<b>Monetary Donations:</b> Checks can be sent to CPDL at the address below:
Rafael Ornes (c/o CPDL)<br>
696 Boynton Ave.<br>
San Jose, CA 95117<br>
All money will be used to pay the fixed costs of running the website, and an account will be posted each year (in the past CPDL has received ~$50 in unsolicited donations yearly).
==Advertising with CPDL==
<b>Banner Advertising:</b>
<i>(This may not work with ChoraWiki)</i> CPDL is now offering online banner advertising. The rate is based on 'page impressions.' A page impression of your ad is counted each time when your ad appears on a CPDL web page. Users can click on your advertisement to be taken directly to your Web site. The CPDL website lately has received ~20,000 page views per day. Banner ads are evenly cycled through these pages. Rates are as follows:
<b>Advertising Rates (in US dollars): </b>
*1,000 page Impressions => $ 0.50
*10,000 page impressions => $ 5.00
*100,000 page impressions => $ 50.00
Advertisers are also given a username and password so that you can monitor the number of page impressions and click-through statistics for your ad. Specifications for the actual ad graphic are as follows: standard "half-banner" size ad graphics (234x60 pixels), some animation is okay, 10K maximum file size.
Attention, all contributors: Banner ads which point to your website can be placed for free on the CPDL site.<br><br>If you have questions about banner ads, please contact [mailto:ornes@cpdl.org Rafael Ornes].

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