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Jean-Christophe ROSAZ
composer, arranger, author Member of Futurs Composés, SACEM, SACD

Born in the Alps, of a Swiss-French nationality and Italian-Argentinean origin, this invite him to travel, meeting other cultures. Graduated of the Conservatory of Lyon in classical guitar and music (counterpoint, harmony and fugue), he obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Composition at the Conservatoire National de Lyon and then in film music at the Ecole Normale de Musique - Alfred Cortot in Paris .

2015: he is invited composer to the Florilège Vocal de Tours. He has won several composition competitions: 2013 Prayer for peace has been choiced for the Congrès Pueri cantores 2014 Paris. The lads of Monleon is the winner of the 1st Hispasong International Composers Contest (Spain). Diligam te, Domine is the winner of the 7th Concours Amadeus de composition chorale(Spain). 2012 Chiaroscuro for double bass solo received the Grand Prize International Society of Bassists David Walter Composition Competition solo division, the premiere performance will be at the 2013 ISB Convention, June 3-8, Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York. 2009 Concours National Composition and Writing Songs for Choirs (Choirs Creates Re) 2009 chaired by Jean-Claude Vannier (Jury members: Jean-Claude Petit, composer, Patrick Marco, head of choir). Les fées du Rhin was awarded the prize for composition for choir festival of Swiss children's choirs and youth / 2008-2009. 2008 Semifinalist for Frammenti dell 'Paradiso (from a text by Dante Alighieri) to contest composition of sacred music for choir of Fribourg (Switzerland) 2006 Composition Competition for Concert Band of Lambersart 2000 Contest the city of Basel in 2000, for Argizagi: mixed choir. 1995 Lutoslawski International Composers Competition: Awarded for Four Indian Songs (soprano, conductor) 1990 Piano Composition Competition of the city of Vannes: winner for Storm on the Ocean, Under The Sun's Drum

His works are created in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Portugal, USA by ensembles and musicians of international renown as Sonia Wieder-Atherthon, Thierry Barbé, Pascale Rouet, Christine Marchais, Marc Sieffert, Francois Veilhan, the Choir Britten cond. Nicole Corti, Suonare e Cantare, Maîtrise de la ville de Paris, cond. Patrick Marco, Maîtrise de la Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris, cond. D. Rougier …

He received numerous commissions: the Forestare Ensemble Canada, the Modern South America ensemble, Cantatrix, Amia associtation and the city of Strasbourg for an opera for children's voices, The Quimper Musical Weeks, Orion Ensemble (Switzerland) dir. Jean-Luc Darbellay, The Choir of the Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire (cond. Valérie Fayet), the Festival des Voix du Prieuré, artistic dir. Bernard Tetu, Loïc Pierre and Le Cepravoi, the Argenteuil Estudiantina and Florentino Calvo, Panam 'Trombones…

In 2011, he was in residence at the Music Conservatory of Chilly-Mazarin for writing three pieces for instrumental ensembles based on the work of Anne Herbauts. From 2010 to 2012, he has composed for the Maîtrise d'Autun, cond. Fabien Barxell around the creation of the passions of St Luke, St Matthew and St Mark.

The recordings of the Magnificat from Puy (Bayard Music) as well as extracts from Vespers of Puy appeared in 2009 and 2010.

Adieu ma charmante blonde S 1, 2 MS, A according to folk songs Love song Bas-Dauphiné (Diois) Commissionned by quatuor vocal Méliades Ad Vitam records 4'30 2013 [Editions Schola Cantorum]

Ave Maria S 1, S 2, MS, A 2' 2013 Ed. JC Rosaz

L'ovibos 3 voices poem J.Roubaud YouTube 1'10 2008 [Mômeludies]

Sous la nuit étoilée (text J.C. Rosaz) children's voices and / or women

2’20	2005	[Delatour]

Three songs from Valais children's voices 1 to 6 parts ad lib. a cappella drii chleini muschterlini(text in valaisan, Hannes Taugwalder) 1 Is göüchje 2’ 2008 2 Willt dü 1’ 3 Ich wellti gääre nomal 1’20 [Aedam Musicae]

Sah ich das Glück mir winken (H.Hesse) Children's voices + T1T2B1B2 J'ai vu le bonheur me faire signe Commissionned by C. Wünsch Friburg D. 3' 2011 Ed.JC Rosaz

Alba children's voices and electric guitar Commission of Festival Voix du Prieuré 2010 4'20 Ed. JC Rosaz

Les Fées du Rhin children's voices or women and harp (text J.C.Rosaz from V. Hugo) Composition Prize Festival Switzerland choirs of children and youth 2009 2'40 2008 Ed. JC Rosaz

Schnee 2 children's voices or women and harp (text E. Burkart) 3' 2008 JC Rosaz

Chanson éléphantine children's voices and saxophone (texte : J.C. Rosaz) 2’ 2002 [Delatour]

Deux Bourrées d'Auvergne female voices S 1,2 MS, A (in popular language) according to folk songs Commissioned by quatuor vocal Méliades 2011 Garda toun boun tèin keep your good time YouTube 2'30 Pare le loup Ad Vitam records 3'10[Editions Schola Cantorum]

Era escuro female voices S 1,2 MS, A (italian text) (according to a folk song) Commissioned by quatuor vocal Méliades 3'20 2010 [Editions Schola Cantorum]

Il Canto del Lago S-MS-A (text J.C. Rosaz in german, french and italian) high or low version 3’ 2008 Ed. JC Rosaz

In jail, thinking to Camille S, MS, A, CA commissionned by Calliope cond. R. Théodoresco Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres 3'30 2014 Ed. JC Rosaz

Las, voulez-vous! female voices according to a folk song 4’30 2004 [Delatour]

Lorsque j'étais p'tit', tout' p'tit' S 1,2 MS, A according to a folk song A pe oen bihan bihannik Basse-Bretagne / Vannetais, Laridé Commissionned by quatuor vocal Méliades Ad Vitam records 3'30 2013 [Editions Schola Cantorum]

Salve Regina S 1,2 A 1,2 Commission: Choeur Opéra-Lyre dir. B. Malleret 6'40 2010 [Delatour]

Tova malko nechto 3 or 4 female voices Un petit air de rien (text: SOLNY,bulgarian trad. Vyara KOSTADINOVA) commissionned by Ensemble Un petit air de rien 3'20 2012 [Delatour]

MALES VOICES Chanson à grand vent male choir a cappella 5’20 1987 [Delatour]

Chanson sans parolemale choir a cappella 4’30 2004 [Delatour]

Gloria male choir a cappella Commission and creation: Choeur d'hommes de Rouen dir. P. Charoulet, 8' 2011 [Delatour]

O magnum mysteriummale choir a cappella Commission: Choeur d'hommes du Vannetais cond. Malgorzata Pleyber 3 versions: double choir & 4 voices 3' 2014 [Edition Impronta] (Germany)

Sah ich das Glück mir winken (H.Hesse) T1T2B1B2 and children's voices J'ai vu le bonheur me faire signe Commission: Pfaffenweiler Männer Chor cond. C. Wünsch / Freiburg - D / 2012 3' 2011 Ed. JC Rosaz

She's so lovely 5 men's voices english text J.C. Rosaz World Premiere: Cincinatti, 2010. 2'30 2004 [Delatour]

Tiebie poiem male choir and 2 alti soli We are singing for you (slavonic) Worl Premiere Choeur d'hommes de Rouen dir. P. Charoulet, 2010. YouTube 3' 2000 [Delatour]

Zezenak dira male choir a cappella Here are the bulls (basque) Commission of Anaiki Ensemble 2’ 2008 Ed. JC Rosaz

MIXED CHOIR 3'54 SAB Commissionned by Paul Ayres conductor (England) dedicated to Olympic Games London 2012 Ed. JC Rosaz

L'annonce de l'aubeSAB text from Omar KHAYAM Commission & Premiere Chœur de chambre de la Marelle cond. R.Terreau 3' 2013 Ed. JC Rosaz

Le temps s'échappe SAB poeme Omar KHAYAM Commission & Creation Chœur de chambre de la Marelle cond . R.Terreau 2' 2013 Ed. JC Rosaz

Aki Szep Lanytmixed choir Hungarian: who wants to find a pretty girl 2’30 1988 [Delatour]

Argizagi Ederramixed choir Basque : beautiful moon that illuminate everything CNSM Lyon's Choir 2’ 1988 [Delatour]

Belle endormie mixed choir 3' 2010 Ed. JC Rosaz

Bestiaire Fantastique mixed choir (text Marc Blanchet) Triptych the 3 choirs can be given separately Commission from CEPRAVOI, 2009 I Faune " Ensemble Vocal Variation 1'25 II Griffon " 1'45 III Licorne " 1'20 [La Sinfonie d'Orphée]

En revenant des nocesmixed choir 3’30 1987 Ed. JC Rosaz

Entré je suis en grande pensée SATB soli a cappella A tribute to Josquin Desprez Commissionned by Ensemble Opalescences cond. S. Salembier 5' 2012 Ed. JC Rosaz

Fantaisie Chorale mixed choir sur Toi qui viens pour tout sauver (Nun komm der Heiden Heiland) 4' 2014 Ed. JC Rosaz

Festlied mixed choir and soprano solo ad lib. german text from Hans-Ruedi Fischer 2’30 2001 Ed. JC Rosaz

Frammenti del Paradiso vocal ensemble SATB with soli text: D.Alighieri 8’ 2007 Ed. JC Rosaz

Kanon 4 voices (text J.C. Rosaz) 2'30 1996 Ed. JC Rosaz

Liberté couleur des feuilles double choir a cappella poem: René-Guy Cadou Creation Choeur de l'ONPL cond. V. Fayet, 6' 2009 Ed. JC Rosaz

Rossignol du bois sauvage mixed choir Creation 2012 Zürcher Vokalisten (CH) cond. Ch. Dillig 2’30 2005 [Delatour]

Running to Paradise mixed choir Gospel English text: W.B.Yeats In Gospel and Spirituals vol. 2 4'50 2006 [A Coeur Joie]

She's so lovely SATTB English text J.C. Rosaz World Premiere: Cincinatti, 2010. 2'30 2004 [Delatour]

Soffio mixed choir Italian text. J.C. Rosaz Commission of Festival Voix du Prieuré 2010 ensemble Orfeo XXI, cond. Rémy Hermitant 2010 [La Sinfonie d'Orphée]

Song of Cork mixed choir, 12 parts English text: J.C. Rosaz 3’20 2003 Ed. JC Rosaz

Ya hadiran double choir SATB Oh presence in my heart Arabic text: Abou Hassan Chochtori commissioned by Adnane Matrone (Morocco) Ed. JC Rosaz

Northernlights / Hodie Christus est 4 soli women, 4 soli men, 4 choirs (overtones) Commission: Overtonechoir cond. Steffen Schreyer (Germany) 6' 2013 Ed. JC Rosaz

Sonneto vocal ensemble SATB (div.) and 4 guitars Portuguese text: L. de Camoes 6'50 2008 Ed. JC Rosaz

Apparuit ei Dominus in flamma ignis SATB and organ ad lib. A tribute to J.P. Rameau commissioned by Ensemble Jean-Philippe Rameau cond. Malgorzata Digaud 4' 2013 Ed. JC Rosaz

Indian Songs in 8 parts soprano solo, choir & orchestra (Amerindian poetry in different languages) commissionned by Ecce Cantus cond. M. Niernhaussen details: see orchestra page YouTube 36' 2014 Ed. JC Rosaz

Hymne à la Matière soprano solo, baryton solo, choeur et orchestre Cantate, textes de Pierre Teilhard de Chardin Création et commande: Jeune Chœur d’Ile de France F. Bardot Orchestre Bel’Arte dir. V. Renaud 2B, 2 Cors, 2 Trp. 3 Trb. Timb. Hrp. / cordes 5,4,3,2,1. (version 4 Cors sans B) 25' 2014

I Principio caelum 12 voix a cappella version 8 voix avec orgue ad lib. Virgile Enéide Chant VI 3'30

II Prélude et Hymne à la Matière tutti 9'30

III Je Te salue soprano solo, baryton solo et orchestre à cordes 4'10

IV Prière au Christ toujours plus grand tutti 7'40 Ed. JC Rosaz

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