Josef Gruber

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Josef Gruber


Born: 18 April 1855

Died: 02 December 1933

Biography Josef Gruber, an Austrian composer and church musician, pupil of Anton Bruckner. He was born in Wösendorf (in Wachau) and grew in the Parish of St. Florian, where he early came into contact with church music and became a choirboy in the Augustinian Canons' Monastery. There he received his first musical impulses from the monastery's Kapellmeister at the time, Ignaz Traumihler (1815-1884). Gruber also studied harmony with Anton Bruckner, who was the monastery organist at the time. From 1906 he took composition lessons from Johann Evangelist Habert. In 1878 Josef Gruber became the monastery organist in St. Florian. From 1906 until his retirement he was a professor of music at the teacher training college and at the same time a church musician at the Capuchin Church in Linz, where he died.

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