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This is part of the CPDL organization document

Since its inception, the primary purpose of CPDL has been to create a large repository of editions of public domain choral music. Over time, this purpose has expanded to include other aspects of choral vocal music. The following reflects the present and ongoing goals of CPDL:

  • The primary purpose of CPDL is to collect and make available, without download cost or fees, sheet music for choral and solo vocal music, which is in the public domain or otherwise distributed under a free license. This will be achieved and furthered by the following subsidiary goals:
    • Maintain and develop CPDL's website, providing a platform for free downloads of public domain or freely licensed sheet music.
    • Support development of a viable collaborative model for sheet music compilation and distribution, allowing anyone to contribute editions that are consistent with the primary purpose.
    • Encourage and assist modern composers who wish to distribute their works under a free license through CPDL.
    • Publish public domain or freely licensed choral and solo vocal scores that are not commercially available.
    • Catalog other websites offering free choral and solo vocal sheet music.
    • Foster discussion, community, scholarship and collaboration among those interested in all aspects of music for voices and singing.