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"Hector Berlioz (1803-1869) published individual songs and choruses throughout his life. The New Berlioz Edition edited by Hugh Macdonald, is the only location one may find many of his quite interesting and engaging choral works... unless, however, one finds a printed edition of his 33 Mélodies of 1864, which I have been fortunate to do. This summer Larry Kenny, through his expertise with Sibelius, is helping me load several individual songs unto Choral Public Domain Library so more folks may have access to some of these wonderful, little-known works. We're comparing the collected works with Berlioz's approved publication and have already found some variances." (source: Melinda O’Neal’s Picks)

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Contributor since: 2009-08-28

Number of scores on CPDL: 4

Works with editions by this editor: 4 (see list)

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