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Hi Allen, welcome to CPDL, thank you very much for contributing these thirteen editions and for creating Works pages for them. You made a few minor mistakes, as not pasting the "Music files" section into the pages, besides adding a link to them from the composer page. Everything was otherwise perfect. The pages were corrected and are now available. All the best, —Carlos (talk) 19:28, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

Marenzio: Madonna sua mercé

Hi Allen, As I was checking some Marenzio scores on CPDL, I watched your edition of Madonna sua mercé. This is a madrigal which I sang some 20 years ago. I sang tenor, and so I found an error in the tenor part of your score. Namely: in bar 6 the first note should be an E rather than a D, giving an A minor chord, rather than a dissonance (a 7th) with the soprano.

You did this score with Lilypond, right? I wonder what makes such a large file (440 kB for 3 pages is rather big.) Were you using the point-and-click feature of Lilypond? Imruska (talk)