Vous perdez temps de me dire mal d'elle

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General information

Author: Clément Marot, 1538 in Oeuvres. Chanson XXXV

An epigram by Clément Marot. The text prompted a riposte the next year, Tel en médict, qui pour soi la désire which, despite several lines in common, is not of Marot's direct authorship.

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Text and translations

French.png French text

Vous perdez temps de me dire mal delle
Gens qui voulez divertir mon entente
Plus la blasmez plus ie la trouve belle
Sesbahit on si tant ie men contente.
La fleur de sa jeunesse
A vostre advis rien nest ce
 Nest ce rien que ces graces
Cessez vos grandz audaces
Car mon amour vaincra vostre mesdire
Tel en mesdit qui pour soy la desire.

German.png German translation

Translation by Peter Rottländer
Ihr veschwendet Zeit, wenn ihr sie schlecht macht,
Ihr Leute, die ihr mein Verlangen zerstreuen wollt.
Je mehr ihr sie tadelt, desto schöner finde ich sie.
Verwundert es, wenn ich mit ihr zufrieden bin?
Die Blume ihrer Jugend,
Gilt sie für Euch nichts?
Ist ihre Anmut wertlos?
Beendet eure große Dreistigkeit,
Denn meine Liebe wird euren Spott besiegen:
Ihr redet schlecht von ihr, weil ihr sie begehrt.

French.png French text

Vous perdez temps de me dire mal d'elle,
Gens qui voulez divertir mon entente:
Plus la blâmez, plus je la trouve belle.
S'ébahit-on, si tant je m'en contente:
La fleur de sa jeunesse
A votre avis rien n'est ce?
N'est ce rien que ses grâces?
Cessez vos grands audaces,
Car mon Amour vaincra votre médire:
Tel en médit, qui pour soi la désire.

English.png English translation

Translation by Thomas Daughton
You waste your time maligning her to me,
All you who wish to foil my intent:
The more you chide, the more her charms I see;
Why be amazed that I am so content?
The flower of her youth
No value hath, in truth?
Her beauty’s but a stunt?
Cease now your great affront,
For my true love will conquer your disdain:
It masks your thirst for what you can’t obtain.

English.png English translation

Translation by Dick Wursten for understanding only
You're wasting your time, talking so evil about her.
You people, who want to loosen my bond:
The more you blame her, the more I like her.
Are you surprised that I'm content with her ?
The beauty of her youth,
Is that nothing ?
And her gracefulness, does that not count ?
Stop your impertinent brutalities,
For my Love will overcome all your evil talk :
Evil you talk, because you desire her yourself.

English.png English translation

So you guys as want to break up my relationship
Are wasting time dissing her to me;
The more you knock her, the better I rate her.
You'd be gobsmacked how sorted I am.
Her young bloom is the square root
Of bugger-all, according to you:
So her attitude's nothing?
Cut the crap; my love
trumps your back-biting;
You're only stirring 'cause you fancy her for yourselves.

(trans. Timmi O'Danaos & Donna Ferrentes)

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