A New Set of Psalm and Hymn Tunes (John Hawkins)

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General information

John Hawkins' A New Set of Psalm and Hymn Tunes, with some Select Pieces & Anthems is described on the title page as 'Figured for the Organ, Piano Forte, &c. By Jno Hawkins, Southampton'.

The collection was published in London: the imprint states that it was 'Sold by S. Burton, 156 Leadenhall Street, J. Peck, 47 Lombard Street, & T. Blanshard, 14 City Road, London'. The work itself is not dated: the catalogue of the British Library gives an estimated publication date of '[1810?]' (for the copy at shelfmark C.713.). Newspaper advertisements for the book describing it as 'just published' indicate a later date, of 1812.

p3, Salisbury and Winchester Journal, Monday 31 August 1812:


JUST published, - An entirely new SET of PSALM and HYMN TUNES, in score, adapted to all the measures of the New Version Psalms, Mr. Wesley's and Dr. Watts's Hymns, with seven new Anthems and Pieces, the whole composed in a familiar style, and figured for the Organ, Piano Forte, &c. By JOHN HAWKINS, Southampton.

Published by S. Burton, 156, Leadenhall-street, London; and sold by the Author, No. 9, High-street, Southampton, and may be had of all the Muisc [sic] and Booksellers in the kingdom.

p4, Salisbury and Winchester Journal, Monday 14 September 1812:

ERRATUM. - In the advertisement of PSALM and HYMN TUNES, by John Hawkins, Southampton, inserted in this Journal August 31, - add price 6s.

The price of '7s/6 or on Fine Paper 10s/' indicated on the British Library copy suggests that this could be a later reissue of the work, given the price increase relative to the price given in the newspaper advertisement. Charles Humphries & William C. Smith, in Music Publishing in the British Isles (2nd ed., Oxford: 1970), do not mention Burton. They give the dates of activity of James Peck at 47 Lombard Street as c1804-1824 (p255), and mention a single work published by Thomas Blanshard, in 1822 (p77). Since the 'seven new Anthems and Pieces' mentioned in the 1812 advertisement form the last seven works in the book, with no further items added afterwards, it appears likely that the increase in cost was as a result of price inflation, rather than reflecting any enlargement of the work.

A further paper label is pasted onto the title page of the British Library copy of the work, below the imprint, indicating that it was 'sold by [Cal]kin & Budd, Booksellers & Stationers to Her Majesty, and Dealers in Classical Music Ancient & Modern, No 118 Pall Mall, London'. Humphries & Smith give the dates of activity of Calkin & Budd at this address as c1828-1853 (p96), although within this range, the reference to 'Her Majesty' indicates a date of 1837 at the earliest for this label.

The book consists of 34 hymn tunes, two set-pieces (through-composed settings of metrical texts) and five anthems. These are mostly composed in four parts, with the 'Air' on the third stave down, bracketed together with the bass. The vocal bass part is figured, as indicated on the title page: there are also some instrumental passages, in sections where the bass voices are silent, which are printed on the same bass stave. The upper three parts are all printed in the treble clef: the alto part (recognisable by its range) is printed an octave above sounding pitch, on the second stave down, but the allocation of the Air to treble or tenor voices is not specified. Many pieces include duets for two voices in thirds, both printed on the topmost stave, either without other parts accompanying, or with bass alone, suggesting that the top stave may have been intended as a treble part. If this is the case, the Air is likely to have been intended for use either as a tenor part, or for a mixture of tenor and treble voices together: the latter would be particularly likely to have occurred where the tunes were used congregationally, with a choir singing the four parts and the congregation joining in the Air at both treble and tenor octaves.

The texts indicated in the source are from a range of sources, including particularly Charles and John Wesley's Collection of Hymns for the Use of the People Called Methodists, Isaac Watts' hymns, the 'New Version' metrical psalms, and 'Jay's Selection' (probably one of the compilations of hymns prepared by the Congregationalist minister William Jay for the use of Argyle Chapel, Bath).

The work is not catalogued in the Hymn Tune Index.

Publication date and place: 1812 sold by S. Burton, J. Peck, and T. Blanshard, in London.

List of works

Pages Description Text
011 ASCENSION. C.M. Hy: 1st Wesley. Ps: 145. Dr Watts. Ps: 9. N.V. O for a thousand tongues to sing
022 COKE. C.M. Hy: 40 Wesley. Ps: 6. N.V. Thee we adore, eternal name
033 WESTON. C.M. Hy: 15 Wesley. Hy: 1. B: 1. Dr Watts. Ps: 19. N.V. Happy the souls to Jesus joined
044-5 NETLEY. C.M. Hy: 520. Wesley. Hy: 54. B: 2. Dr Watts. Ps: 33. N.V. Blest be the dear uniting love
055 PORTSWOOD. L.M. Hy: 14. Wesley. Ps: 147. Dr Watts. Ps: 111. N.V. Happy the man that finds the grace
066 CARISBROOK. L.M. Hy: 276. Wesley. Ps: 18. N.V. Ps: 147. Dr Watts. Come, Saviour, Jesus, from above
077 NURSLING. L.M. Hy: 183. Wesley. Ps: 144. N.V. Ps: 92. Dr Watts. Jesus, thy blood and righteousness
088 LAMBETH. L.M. Hy: 24. Wesley. Ps: 139. Dr Watts. Ps: 32. N.V. Ye that pass by, behold the man
099 RICHMOND. S.M. Hy: 338. Wesley. Ps: 25. Dr Watts. Ps: 130. N.V. Father, in whom we live
1010 DURLEY. S.M. Hy: 45. Wesley. Ps: 25. Dr Watts. Ps: 25. N.V. And am I born to die
1110 TIMSBURY. S.M. Ps: 31. N.V. Jesus the conqueror reigns
1211 BRIGHTON. S.M. Hy: 12. Wesley. Ps: 67. N.V. Come ye that love the Lord
1312 CADNAM. 6 lines 8s Ps: 113. N.V. Hy: 26. Jay's selection. Ps: 112. Dr Watts. O come, thou radiant morning star
1413 LYMINGTON. 6. lines 8. Hy: 264. Wesley. Ps: 37. N.V. Peace, doubting heart; my God's I am
1514 St CLEMENTS. 6 lines 8. Hy: 29 Jays Selection. Hy: 79 Wesley. Father of omnipresent grace
1615 LAMENTATION. 6. lines 8. Hy: 32. Wesley. Ps 50. N.V. Would Jesus have the sinner die
1716 St ANNS. 8. & 6. Hy: 58. Wesley. Hy: 13. Jay's. Selection. Thou God of glorious majesty
1817 NEW ENGLAND. 8. & 6. Hy: 61. Wesley. Hy: 104. Jay's Selection. How happy are the little flock
1918 BENSON. 7. &. 6. Hy: 286 Wesley. Hy: 54 Jay's Selection. Come, ye followers of the Lord
2019 BRADBURN. 7. & 6. Hy: 395. Wesley. Hy: 42. Jay's Selection. None is like Jeshurun's God
2120 ALL SAINTS. 6 lines 6. & 7. Hy: 187. Wesley. Arise, my soul, arise
2221 PERSIA. 6 lines. 7. Hy: 20. Wesley. Hy: 169 Jay's Selection. Weary souls that wander wide
2322 FINSBURY. P.M. Hy: 45. Wesley. Come, let us anew our journey pursue
2423 DILTON. P.M. Hy: 476 Wesley. Hy: 29 Jay's Selection. Hallelujah we sing to our Father and King
2524 St MICHAELS. 4. 10. Hy: 191. Wesley. Hy: 188. Jay's Selection. Ps: 149. N.V. O heavenly King, look down from above
2625 NAZARETH. 4. 6s & 2. 8s 148 Ps: N.V. Hy: 33. Wesley. Hy: 36 Jay's Selection. Ye boundless realms of joy
2726-27 STAMFORD. 8s Hy: 255. Wesley. Hy: 105. Jay's Selection. Thou shepherd of Israel and mine
2827 HIGHFIELD. P.M. Hy: 267. Wesley. Worship and thanks and blessing
2928 CORNELIUS. 4. 7s Hy: 505 Wesley Hy: 116 Jay's Selection. Come and let us sweetly join
3029 ATMORE. P.M. Hy: 439. Wesley. Hy: 22. Jay's selection. Rise, ye dearly purchased sinners
3130-31 HENSHAW 8 lines 7s & 8s Hy 374 Wesley Hy 55 Jays selection Love divine, all loves excelling
3231 WICKHAM. P.M. Hy: 245. Wesley. Hy: 56. Jay's selection. Jesus, take all the glory
3332 STRATFORD. Hy: 197. Wesley. P.M. My God, I am thine; what a comfort divine
3432-33 SOUTHAMPTON NEW. P.M. Jesus now our hearts inspire
3534-36 GRATITUDE. Now in a song of grateful praise
3637-41 UNIVERSAL PRAISE. words by Mrs Rowe. Begin the high celestial strain
3742-45 ANTHEM. Bless the Lord, O my soul
3846-51 SWEET NAME OF JESUS. Sweet name of Jesus, in whose syllables
3952-55 ANTHEM FOR CHRISTMAS. Comfort ye my people
4056-60 RESURRECTION. H. K. White's remains. Lo, he cometh, the Messiah comes
4161-65 SING TO JEHOVAH. new translation of the Song of Moses Sing to Jehovah

Works at CPDL

Title Year Page Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
Comfort ye my people 1812 52 Sacred Anthems 4 SATB
Ye that pass by, behold the man 1812 8 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB