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Absolve, Domine is the Tract of the Mass of the Dead. In the Tridentine rite it follows the Gradual, with which it is sometimes combined in a single movement. It is usually omitted by Viennese composers or set separately, as Fux did.

Settings by composers

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Absolve, Domine, animas omnium fidelium defunctorum ab omni vinculo delictorum.
(verse:) Et gratia tua illis succurrente, mereantur evadere Judicium ultionis.
Et lucis aeternae beatitudine perfrui.

French.png French translation

Délivre, Seigneur, les âmes de tous les fidèles défunts
de tous les liens du péché.
Et fais qu'avec le secours de ta grâce,
ils méritent d'échapper au jugement de vengeance.

English.png English translation

Deliver, O Lord, the souls of all the departed faithful from all bondage of their sins.
And by your sustaining grace, may they be worthy of escaping the chastisement of judgment.
And partake in the happiness of eternal light.

Italian.png Italian translation

Perdona, Signore, le anime di tutti i fedeli defunti
da ogni costrizione di peccato.
E, soccorsi dalla Tua grazia,
meritino di sfuggire alla condanna.