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Aliases: Mazák, Mazak, Macák, Maczak, Maczack, Mazack, Alberík, Alberik, Alberico, R[everendo] P[ater] Albericus, Fr[ater] Albericus, Alberich, Alberici.


Born: 1609 (Ratibor, Silesia, now Racibórz, Poland)

Died: 09 May 1661 (Vienna)


Cistercian monk, famous Czech composer, representant of early Baroque music in the Austrina territories.

1630 he entered Heiligenkreuz Abbey

1631 20 August he took his vows

1633 ordained priest

1634 till 7 February 1639 appointed novice-magister

1634 till 9 May 1661 confessor of monks

1636 from 21 October till 20 February 1654 cantor chori

1639 from 1 January till do 25 March 1640 secretary to the abbot

1654 20 February he gave up his post as cantor chori, and the same year was pointed as a great organist (organista praeclarissimus).

1661 9 May he died after a serious operation. He is buried at the Cistercian cemetery in Vienna.


Alberik Mazák wrote many sacred works, 217 of them survive till today (31 fragment). The most of them was printed in Vienna in three part collection

Cultus Harmonicus op. I - Opus Minus (1649), consinsts motets and litanies (88 pieces).

Cultus Harmonicus op. II - Opus Maius (1650) consists of 91 compositions (motets, 4 masses, 4 Loretan liteies, 6 Surrexit Christus and songs.

Cultus Harmonicus op. III (1653) consists of 32 works (fragment).

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