Ave vivens hostia

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Latin.png Latin text

Johannes Peckham, 13th c., attr.

1. Ave, vivens hostia,
 Veritas et vita,
 In qua sacrificia
 Cuncta sunt finita,
 Per te patri gloria
 Datur infinita,
 Per te stat ecclesia
 Iugiter munita.

2. Ave, vas clementiae,
 Scrinium dulcoris,
 In quo sunt deliciae
 Caelici saporis,
 Veritas substantiae
 Tota salvatoris,
 Sacramentum gratiae,
 Pabulum amoris.

3. Ave, manna caelicum
 Verius legali,
 Datum in viaticum
 Misero mortali,
 Medicamen mysticum
 Morbo spiritali,
 Morte dans catholicum
 Vitae immortali.

4. Ave, corpus Domini
 Et munus finale,
 Corpus iunctum numini,
 Nobile iocale,
 Quod reliquit homini
 In memoriale,
 Cum finali termino
 Mundo dixit vale.

5. Ave, plenum gaudium,
 Vita beatorum,
 Pauperum solacium,
 Salus miserorum,
 Grande privilegium
 Est hoc viatorum.
 Quorum sacrificium
 Merces est caelorum.

6. Ave, virtus fortium,
 Obvians ruinae,
 Turris et praesidium
 Plebis peregrinae,
 Quam insultus hostium
 Frangere non sine,
 Ne vi malignantium
 Pereat in fine.

German.png German translation

1. Sei gegrüßt, du lebendige Opfergabe, Wahrheit und Leben,
in der alle Opfer zu Ende gebracht sind.
Durch dich wird dem Vater unendlicher Ruhm gegeben,
durch dich steht die Kirche immerdar befestigt.

2. Sei gegrüßt, du Gefäß der Milde, Schrein der Süßigkeit,
in dem die Wonnen des himmlischen* Geschmacks sind.
Ganze Wahrheit des Wesens des Erlösers,
Sakrament der Gnade, Speise der Liebe.

English.png English translation

Hugh T. Henry (1862-1946), transl.

1. Hail, Thou living Victim blest,
 truth and life supernal,
 Olden types in Thee confessed
 find their end eternal.
 Infinite through Thee the praise
 to the Father given,
 While Thy love the Church arrays
 as an earthly heaven.

2. Hail, Thou ancient Mercy-seat,
 source of grace and favour;
 Precious ointment-box replete
 with celestial savour:
 Thou the God-man truly art
 in divine completeness:
 Fed on Thee, the loving heart
 knows Thy raptured sweetness.

3. Hail, Thou Manna from the skies,
 yet more truly given
 To the pilgrim soul that sighs
 for her promised Heaven:
 Mystic medicine Thou art
 for the wounded spirit;
 Healed by Thee, may every heart
 endless life inherit.

English.png English translation

Ronald A. Knox (1888-1957), transl.

Hail, true Victim, life and light
 Unto sinners lending--
Every older form and rite
 Hath in thee its ending--
Spotless in the Father's sight
 Evermore ascending,
Holy church in bitter fight
 Evermore befriending.

Hail, true Manna from the sky--
 Israel never knew thee;
Pilgrims, for the day's supply,
 Daily homage do thee;
When our souls in sickness lie,
 Yields that sickness to thee;
Christians, when they come to die,
 Live immortal through thee.

Hail, Christ's Body--gift he made,
 His own death foreshewing,
(Godhead under earthly shade
 Like a jewel glowing),
Sacred memories, ne'er to fade,
 On his Church bestowing,
When to earth farewell he bade,
 To his Passion going.

Jesus truly in this place
 God and Man resideth;
Him no shadow doth replace,
 Him no rent divideth,
Very flesh, although his face,
 Glorified, he hideth;
Garnered in this little space
 All of Christ abideth.

Seen in heaven by blessed eyes
 This his body reigneth;
Form of bread, in other wise,
 Here its scope containeth;--
Mystery he alone descrise
 Who the same ordaineth;
Well may her such thing devise
 Whom no power restraineth.

Plead, true Victim, in our stead,
 To the Father crying,
Thou, Thy children's daily bread,
 Daily health supplying;
Banquet for the exile spread,
 Grant us life undying:
May our love from Thine be fed,
 Self and sense denying!

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