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Born: 14 March 1991


Michael Brooker, known by his pen name Bruce Michez, was born in Oxford, UK, the son of the clarinettist, composer and singer Graham Brooker (1958-99). His music was first heard by the public in 1998, when Graham used a short fragment for flute in his orchestral work The Drums of Time.

Michez is largely self-taught as a composer, but in 2005 he became one of the youngest people ever to receive the Open University's Diploma in Music, aged 14. The course had more of an emphasis on musicology than on composition, and during this time Michez became fascinated by Schumann's song cycle Dichterliebe and Britten's opera The Turn of the Screw. He has been influenced by both of these works, in particular the way that the notes themselves tell as much of the story as the words.

The bulk of Michez's music is vocal, and it has been praised for its clarity and vividness of colour. Though tonal for the most part, his music's harmonic profile embraces a wide variety of chords that has sometimes been compared to Hindemith. However, he always strives to provide an appropriate level of challenge, both to performers and to listeners.

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