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The Feast of the Most Holy Trinity is always observed on the first Sunday after Pentecost. However, if it is desired to celebrate both, another mass for Domenica I. post Pentacosten is provided on page 311 of the Graduale Romanum. These propers have been assigned for the Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time since 1970, following the Second Vatican Council and the adoptation by many churches of the three-year lectionary. The three pericopes are organized around the Gospels of Matthew 5:38-48 (the other cheek), Mark 2:1-12 (healing of the paralytic at Capernaum), and Luke 6:27-38 (do unto others).

Proper Gregorian Missal (1990) (Ordinary Time 7)
Gradual Romanum (1961) (Dom. I. post Pentacosten)
Introit: Domine in tua misericordia
Gradual: Ego dixi
Alleluia verse: Verba mea
Offertory: Intende voci
Communion: Narrabo omnia mirabilia