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Septuagesima is the name given to the third from last Sunday before Ash Wednesday in the Extraordinary form or Tridentine mass; it is not observed in three-year lectionaries but shares an Offertory and Communion with Ordinary Time 4 (Epiphany IV in some protestant lectionaries). The Gospel for Septuagesima is Mt 20, the parable of the vineyard laborers, while OT 4 uses Mt 5:1 (The Beatitudes, Year A), Mk 1:21 (exorcism at Capernaum) & Lk 4:21 (driven from Nazareth).

Proper Septuagesima
Liber usualis (Trent)
Ordinary Time 4
Gregorian Missal (1990)
Introit: Circundederunt me-Diligam tet
Laetetur cor
Gradual: Adjutor in opportunitatibus
Qui sicut Dominus
Tract: De profundis
Alleluia verse: (none)
Alleluja, Adorabo ad templum
Offertory: Bonum est confiteri
Bonum est confiteri
Communion: Illumina faciem tuam

A  :Beati mundo corde
B, C :Illumina faciem tuam