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St. Cecilia is the patron saint of musicians: her feast is observed on November 22. The propers for her mass are those of the Common of a Virgin Martyr with the substitution of the gradual Audi filia and the Alleluia verse Quinque prudentes virgines; besides settings of the ordinary dedicated to Cecilia like those of Gounod and Gruber, there is a plainchant Mass in Honour of Saint Cecilia by Lou Harrison that includes both ordinary and propers.

Vespers are as follows:

Psalmody Antiphons tone
Dixit Dominus Cantantibus organis i
Laudate pueri Valerianus in cubiculo vii
Laetatus sum Caecilia, famula tua iii
Nisi Dominus Benedico te, Pater viii
Lauda Jerusalem Triduanas a Domino iv
Magnificat Est secretum (at First Vespers) iv
Virgo gloriosa ( at Second Vespers) ii

Matins contain these responsories:

  • Cantantibus organis
  • O beata Cecilia
  • Virgo gloriosa
  • Cilicio Cecilia membra
  • Ceciliam intra cubiculum
  • Domine Jesu Christe
  • Beata Cecilia dixit
  • Cecilia me misit
  • Dum aurora finem daret

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