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This is a list of different choral voicings.

The ordering within subcategories of this category is mainly by increasing numbers of voices, and then from high voicings to low voicings:

  • S = Sopranos (highest)
  • A = Altos
  • T = Tenors
  • B = Basses (lowest)

Polychoral works are in subcategories of the aggregate voicing, with choirs separated by periods. Regardless of which choir is actually "first" (as in dialogues), smaller choirs come first, then high to low: i.e. SAT.SSATB not SSATB.SAT and SSAT.SATB instead of SATB.SSAT.

Click on any subcategory below to see a list of voicings of scores available on CPDL with that number of voices (or multiple choirs with that total number of voices)