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Suggestion - some kind of subject categorisation running across CPDL would be invaluable, in addition to the existing categorisations. I'm looking for Christmas music right now, so one possible category would be "Seasonal" with subcategories e.g. winter, Christmas, New Year, Spring, Summer, Autumn, etc. I include Christmas here because I think it's a well enough recognised secular festival despite the religious name. Another category would be Religious Festivals (obvious subcategories including all major religions).

Categories ...

If you are looking for Christmas music, I would suggest the subgenre 'Carols'. Others have suggested categories relating to the church year. That would be great if someone would be willing to work on how to set up such a system.

Rafael Ornes Manager, CPDL

... Sacred music

Under Sacred music, the subcategory Antiphons should be added ... I have already added it to the Sacred music page. ~Chuck Giffen

Sacred or Secular music, but not Sheet music

Why are some works categorized in Category:Sacred music or Category:Secular music, but not in Category:Sheet music? There are about forty of these pages currently. — Barry Johnston (talk) 16:23, 20 March 2021 (UTC)

There are a plethora of reasons, probably. I've already found: a hymn tune categorized in Sacred music (it's not Sheet music), a work in which the editor/composer (inadvertently?) removed Sheet music and Modern music when fiddling with the text. I've fixed these two. A simple DPL query with notcategory=Sheet music, category=Sacred music, category=Secular music, namespace=Main (to avoid all the subcategories) reveals the culprits; after that, it's a matter of going through the entries. -- Chucktalk Giffen 17:49, 20 March 2021 (UTC)
  • There are publication pages (without sheet music, of course) which are categorized as Sacred music. -- Chucktalk Giffen 17:55, 20 March 2021 (UTC)
  • And "Larger work" pages (no sheet music) categorized as Sacred. -- Chucktalk Giffen 17:58, 20 March 2021 (UTC)
  • Work pages with all editions withdrawn (and Sheet music category removed or commented out) -- Chucktalk Giffen 18:05, 20 March 2021 (UTC)
I've fixed as many of the pages as I could, mostly work pages which had categories (inadvertently) removed when text was added (even by admins!). Many pages, however, seem to be publication or large work pages. -- Chucktalk Giffen 18:48, 20 March 2021 (UTC)
Thank you! I've already done the dpl, and will make necessary corrections. The reason why I asked: I remember someone had removed Category:Sheet music from some works, I don't know why. Likely my memory is faulty. — Barry Johnston (talk) 20:10, 20 March 2021 (UTC)
Now I remember what it was: for works with score files removed. I have also commented out Voicing, Genre, Language, and Instruments, to prevent these pages from appearing in lists based on the categories involved. — Barry Johnston (talk) 02:54, 21 March 2021 (UTC)
There are some publication pages – larger works that have sheet music on them (e.g., Lagrime di San Pietro (Orlando di Lasso) or Sieben Lieder, Op. 62 (Johannes Brahms)) – several to many more. — Barry Johnston (talk) 02:04, 23 March 2021 (UTC)