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There are over 1,350 composer pages at CPDL. In an effort to improve the quality and information on these composer pages, CPDL has an Adopt-A-Composer program. Those composers who have already been adopted already are listed below. Yes, this is a chance to study a composer, aid in developing that composer's web page, and help your fellow choral musician all at once! For this program we are looking for volunteers to select a composer, and add content to the composer's wiki page. While there is a great deal of flexibility in this, we ask that contributors stay with the general guidelines and organizational structures of this wiki.

'To "adopt" a composer, please volunteer on the talk page and add a listing to this project page for the composer you wish to adopt. If claiming an unclaimed composer, please update the pages and you can begin working on your adopted composer's page. This page will help coordinate coverage, highlighting composers available for adoption and reducing collision when multiple people embark on major revisions to the same composer's page. If multiple people volunteer for the same composer, admins may have to make a determination.

If you're doing a major overhaul rather than incremental changes:

  • Please discuss any significant structural change proposed on the composer's talk page to get community feedback. We want to avoid a situation where a well-intentioned volunteer puts in substantive effort, but finds that other people thought the old organization worked better.
  • If the changes require taking a temporary step back in the organization of a page while the work is in progress:
    • take a snapshot of the page and create a separate sandbox duplicate copy to work on, in order to avoid disruption of access to users
    • if users make any changes to the main page in the interim, copy those into the sandbox work-in-progress duplicate before swapping the sandbox duplicate to replace the old version

We really appreciate the hard work Adopters put into nurturing these pages. If you have questions about the adoption process, you can post you questions on the talk page - or contact an admin. Thanks!

Content items

  • List of sheet music organized by various criteria (publication date, opus, genre)
  • List of complete works (choral/vocal/all)
  • List of all publications/editions
  • Biography
  • Bibliographic information
  • External links
  • Recordings of interest
  • images

These items do not have to be included, and other content not listed here may also be added.

Currently adopted composers