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Sad news for CPDL regular contributors

  • Posted by: Jstrozy 14:30, 21 July 2008 (PDT)

It is with sadness that I must report the death of Brian Russell, a regular contributor to CPDL. He has provided versions of over 700 madrigals. Brian died of a massive heart attack Sunday morning last. He enjoyed CPDL so much. I hope he will be missed.
Julie Strozyk, Brian's significant other.


Julie, I'm so sorry to hear this. Although I'm new at CPDL and haven't had the chance to talk to Brian myself, I see his contributions everywhere, a true testimony of his generous character and his love for music, a legacy of goodwill that hopefully will last for a long time to come.

  • Posted by: joachim 16:49, 21 July 2008 (PDT)

We can only guess how many people have used Brian's ressources, but his scores must have been used hundreds, if not thousands of times. Hopefully there's some comfort in the thought that his music will be sung for years to come. Sincere condolences to Brian's loved ones.


This is very sad news indeed. Brian Russell's devotion to making madrigals available through CPDL was both generous and prolific. He was always quick in replying to questions, gladly providing help and information, whether addressed here or through e-mails (to me and surly to others as well). CPDL has been truly blessed through Brian's contributions, and, while we have felt richer for his presence, we shall surely be so much poorer for his loss.

To you, Julie, I hardly know what to say. Brian's passing is a great personal loss to me, and I cannot begin to know how devastating it must be to you. May it be of some comfort to you, though, that Brian's gracious sharing of his love for music with countless musicians all over the world is a tribute to the kind of person that he was and the kind of life he lived. We will do all we can to preserve that legacy here at CPDL.

  • Posted by: Vaarky 04:13, 26 July 2008 (PDT)

I didn't know him but have sung the music he contributed. His generosity has been and will continue to be much appreciated. We'll sing in his memory today. My heartfelt condolences...

By the way, I believe Brian's editions are indexed on CPDL but the actual scores are hosted off-site. Would you like to have a copy of those uploaded directly to CPDL?


Having only just read the sad news, I would like to offer my sympathy. Brian's knowledge, generosity and enthusiasm will be sadly missed.

General topics (most recent first)

Dowland Page

  • Posted by: --DaveF 07:23, 8 July 2008 (PDT)

Having spent a lot of time on the Dowland page recently, I'm questioning the use of "original spelling" on the page. It has such a long history that I can't work out who first decided on adopting this spelling and then went lovingly through and changed everything. It's a problematic area, because there's really no such thing as "original" Elizabethan/Jacobean spelling - because there was really no such thing in those days as spelling. Any spelling that occurs in one part of a publication is more than likely to be contradicted elsewhere; for example, the penultimate song in A Pilgrimes Solace appears on the page as Welcome black night, which is the spelling under which it appears as the incipit of the Cantus secundus part. However, in the table of contents at the start of the book, it is spelt Welcome blacke night. The problem is reversed in the First Booke: the first song, in the table of contents and on our page, is spelt Unquiet thoughts, but in the incipit of all the parts, Unquiet thoghts - in the 4th (1612) edition, that is; in the 3 previous editions it's always thoughts. (Well, actually, it's spelt "Vnquiet" on our page, but that's surely authenticity gone slightly mad; that's just Jacobean printing - it's not as though anybody ever pronounced it "Vnquiet".) I could find dozens of similar examples...

And apart from these problems, isn't it out of step with the rest of CPDL to attempt to reproduce the spelling of the composer's time-period? I can't find any other composer page where this has been done.

And yes, this probably is me volunteering to change it all to modern spelling if it's thought best. And apologies to whoever instituted the authentic policy for Dowland for the above comments.

Questioning the presence of art songs

  • Posted by: Lyle Neff 22:36, 10 June 2008 (PDT)

Why are art songs being posted on ChoralWiki? These are for solo voice, and have nothing to do with chorus. It can be confusing to people who are trying to look for choral score, especially when they are listed on the opening page under "Most recent scores."


Hi Lyle. CPDL is for all vocal music in the public domain including choral works and solo vocal works. It just so happens that the majority of works contributed to CPDL are for choirs. Also, it is quite a coincidence that most of the recently added scores are for solo voice. They are as welcome here as choral works so it would be wrong to not include them under the "Most recent scores" list. If you're just looking for choral works, try browsing under one or more of the extensive Music Subcategories which are not for soloists, eg. Anthems or Motets for Sacred works and Madrigals or Partsongs for Secular works. You can also browse the archive by voicing, eg. SATB.

Thanks for the clarification. I suppose it's the phrases "Choral Public Domain Library" and "Free Choral Sheet Music" on the main page -- not to mention the name "ChoralWiki" -- that create the conceptual problem for me in this regard. Lyle Neff 22:29, 11 June 2008 (PDT)

IMSL Has announced their return as of July 1, 2008


I see on their BBS system that this server of Instrumental Public Domain music will be returning to service on July 1, 2008. They are committed to defending themselves from the "Cease-and-desist" order brought by Universal Edition (UE), and have set up a temporary wiki which is on-line now.

  • Posted by: Choralia 08:23, 11 June 2008 (PDT)

Great news!!!! Here is a further link.