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What's the Contact Person field for?

  • Posted by: Vaarky 23:07, 30 May 2009 (UTC)

Is the Contact Person field better targetted at an external address, such as the contact address at for MUP? Or do we want these to be for internal CPDL contacts?

I'd actually suggest that this page and other similar pages be merged into CW:DT. --Bobnotts talk 11:13, 31 May 2009 (UTC)
Rob, I think they serve different purposes: Category:Music notation programs lists all programs (paid or not) that can be used to produce a music score, while CW:DT lists free software necessary to visualise some files available at CPDL.
Replying to Vaarky's question, I believe these Contact fields with Raf's email could be removed altogether, leaving only those with meaningful information. The site URL is enough in most cases. —Carlos Email.gif 12:30, 31 May 2009 (UTC)