Coelestis urbs Jerusalem

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General information

This is the Urban VIII revision of Urbs beata Jerusalem.

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

1  Coelestis urbs Jerusalem
Beata pacis visio,
Quae celsa de viventibus
Saxis ad astra tolleris,
Sponsaeque ritu cingeris
Mille Angelorum millibus.

2  O sorte nupta prospera,
Dotata Patris gloria,
Respersa sponsi gratia,
Regina forzosissima,
Christo jugata principi,
Caeli corusca civitas.

3  Hic margaritis emicant
Patentque cunctis ostia:
Virtute namque praevia
Mortalis illuc ducitur,
Amore Christi percitus,
Quisquis tormenta sustulit.

4  Scalpri salubris ictibus,
Et tunsione plurima,
Fabri polita malleo,
Hanc saxa molem construunt,
Aptisque juncta nexibus
Locantur in fastigio.

5  Decus Parenti debitum
Sit in aeternum Altissimo,
Natoque Patris Unico,
Et inclyto Paraclito,
Cui laus, potestas, gloria,
Sit per aeterna saecula.

English.png English translation

1  Heavenly city of Jerusalem,
Blessed vision of peace,
Which in Heaven from living beings
As its stones is built in the stars above,
and like a bride is adorned
with a thousand thousand angels.

5  Glory be to you, O Father
and also to the most high,
the only Son of the Father,
With the Holy Spirit
To whom praise, power and glory
eternal be for ever.

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