Cor mio, deh non piangete

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General Information

Author: Giovanni Battista Guarini, 1598 in Rime. Madrigal 81, "Pietà crudele"

Original printings of Guarini's Rime have 'piagnete' instead of 'piangete'. This variant was sometimes reproduced (eg. in Nielsen).

Settings by composers

Text and translations

Italian.png Italian text

Cor mio, deh non piangete,
Ch'altro mal io non provo, altro martire,
Ch'el veder voi del mio languir languire,
Dunque non vi dolete,
Se sanar mi volete:
Che quell' affetto, che pietà chiamate,
S'è dispietato à voi, non è pietate.

English.png English translation

My heart, ah, do not weep,
for I feel no other sorrow, no other pain,
than to see you languish for my frailty.

Then do me no harm
if to cure me you strive,
for that feeling you call pity
if it hurts you mercilessly, is not kindness.

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