Di pianger mai, mai di gridar non resta

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General information

Author: Ludovico Ariosto, 1516 in Orlando Furioso. Canto XXIII, ottava 125

Settings by composers

Text and translations

Italian.png Italian text

Di pianger mai, mai di gridar non resta;
né la notte né ’l dì si dà mai pace.
Fugge cittadi e borghi, e alla foresta
sul terren duro al discoperto giace.
Di sé si maraviglia ch’abbia in testa
una fontana d’acqua sì vivace,
e come sospirar possa mai tanto;
e spesso dice a sé così nel pianto.

English.png English translation

Never from tears, never from sorrowing,
He paused; nor found he peace by night and day:
He fled from town, in forest harbouring,
And in the open air on hard earth lay.
He marvelled at himself, how such a spring
Of water from his eyes could stream away,
And breath was for so many sobs supplied;
And thus ofttimes, amid his mourning, cried.

Translation by William Stewart Rose