Didier Lupi second

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Born: c. 1520

Died: after 1559?


Lupi (not to be confused with Johannes Lupi) was active in Lyons; the dedications to expatriat Italian/Lyonais patrons in his surviving 3rd Book of chansons may suggest origins in that country. The tenor of his Susanne un jour' is found in most of the 40+ settings of the poem by other composers. There is no mention of his death in his last publication in a 1559 anthology.

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Sacred works

Secular works

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  • Premier livre de chansons spirituelles, par Guillaume Gueroult, mises en musique à 4 parties par Didier Lupi second & aultres – Lyon, Beringen brothers 1548
    • Chansons spirituelles Composées par Guillaume Gueroult & mises en Musique par Didier Lupi Second. Nouuelle reueues, & corrigées, outre les precedentes impressions. – Paris, Nicolas Chemin 1559
  • Tiers livre contenante trente et cinq chansons – Lyon, Beringen brothers 1548
  • Psalmes trente du royal prophète David – Lyon, Beringen brothers 1549

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