Ecce quomodo moritur

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6th of the Responsories for Holy Saturday

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Ecce quomodo moritur justus
et nemo percipit corde.
Viri justi tolluntur
et nemo considerat.
A facie iniquitatis sublatus est justus
et erit in pace memoria eius:
Tamquam agnus coram tondente se obmutuit,
et non aperuit os suum:
de angustia, et de judicio sublatus est.
Et erit in pace memoria ejus.

Alternative verse
In pace factus est locus ejus
et in Sion habitatio ejus.

English.png English translation

Behold how the righteous man dies
And no one understands.
Righteous men are taken away
And no one considers:
The righteous man has been taken away from present iniquity
And his memory shall be in peace.
As a sheep before her shearers is dumb,
so he opened not his mouth:
he was taken from prison and from judgement.
And his memory shall be in peace.

Alternative verse
In peace is his place
And in Sion is his homestead.

Dutch.png Dutch translation

Zie hoe de rechtvaardige sterft,
en niemand neemt het ter harte.
De rechtvaardigen worden weggerukt,
en niemand slaat er achtop.
Vanwege de boosheid
wordt de rechtvaardige weggerukt.
En in vrede zal zijn nagedachtenis zijn.
In vrede is zijn rustplaats,
en in Sion is zijn verblijf.
En in vrede zal zijn nagedachtenis zijn.

(naar Jesaja 57: 1-2)

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