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Born: 9 January 1984


Eduard Vila i Perarnau is born in Martorell the 9 January of year 1984. At the six years he starts to study music to the School of Music of Martorell, where it carries out studies of sol-fa with Joan and Paquita Almirall and studies of piano with Esther Martínez. At 10 years, he enters the Choir School of Montserrat where it continues the studies of piano with Carles Viarnès i Vicenç Prunés. Parallelly career studies of violin with the P. Ireneu Segarra, Josep Mª Falcó and Jesus Badia, and studies of organ with the G. Ramon Oranias. During this time it has the P. Ireneu Mª Segarra and Malla and P. Jordi-Agustí Piqué i Collado, both monks of Montserrat, as choirmasters. At 14 years, it abandons the Choir School to go to Barcelona where he broadens studies of piano with Mª Lluïsa Reñaga and Albert Atenelle. The studies of organ he broadens in Terrassa where it has as teachers Jordi Figueras, sporadically Montserrat Torrent. At the same time, it combines the musical studies with those of ESO and later those of High School. The year 1999 the second prize of the International Competition of Piano of Berga wins in its category and two years later, wins the first prize of the competition of Young Interpreters of Piano of Catalonia, which is celebrated in Vilafranca del Penedès in year 2001. In this same year 2001 he starts to work as correpetidor of the Choir School of Montserrat. The year 2002 he enters the Polyphonic Group of Vilafranca where he exercises of singer and piano player. In year 2003, he is appointed assistant director of the Choir School of Montserrat, charge that at present it still sustains. With him, the Choir School has carried out important productions and has allowed it to work with musicians of the size of Harry Bicket, Jordi Savall, Mistislav Rostropovitx among other and in spaces as emblematic as the Big Theater of the Lyceum, the Palau of the Music, the Auditorium and other spaces of the Spanish geography and European. He has studied phenomenology and orchestral and choral direction with the teacher Francesc Llongueres, where also he has been able to participate as a continuum in its orchestra Barcelona Simfonietta. At personal level, Catalan, the Chapel of Santa Maria d'Igualada, the Orchestra of the Garraf, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Vallès, the group of ancient music "The caravaggia" or the National Orchestra of Andorra, has collaborated with orchestras of prestige as the Baroque Orchestra among other. He has participated in two occasions (2005, 2006) as a teacher invited in the Encounters of singing entertainments managers for the liturgical chant that they are celebrated to Montserrat every summer. It has recorded varying CD's as an organist with the Choir School of Montserrat (or you omnes, Cry of tòrtora, the Choir School sings, P. Miquel López) and with the soprano Olga Guerrero (Catalan and Occitan popular songs).

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