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The Eton Choirbook, one of only three such books (along with the Lambeth Choirbook and the Caius Choirbook to survive from pre-Reformation England, is a large manuscript collection of Marian antiphons, Magnificat settings and other motets assembled for, and still held at, Eton College. Edward Hygons is thought to possibly be responsible for the existence of this book, as well as the Lambeth Choirbook and the Caius Choirbook.

This choirbook appears to have been compiled in two separate stages, the majority of the works being inscribed around 1490-1500 with some later additions possibly from 1510-15. An index at the back lists 61 compositions, about a third of which are now lost or incomplete. Another index at the beginning adds another 30, 4 of them complete and copied in the same hand as the older layer. Robert Wylkynson's Salve regina and Jesus autem transiens are not listed in the indexes and believed to have been added c. 1510-15. Of the 93 works originally contained, 29 have been completely lost and another 21 are incomplete, although a few of these are also found in other sources.

Publication date and place: 1500–04 in Eton, England. – Manuscript


Contents of the Eton Choirbook sorted initially by the order in which they appear in the collection. The table is sortable, by clicking the icon at the top of each column. Titles which are complete in the Eton Choirbook (or other sources) are shown below as hyperlinks, blue for works available and red for those not yet available at ChoralWiki. Other notes:

* Lost or fragmentary in Eton Choirbook but complete in one or more other sources.
** Fragmentary, but reconstructed in F. Ll. Harrison edition.
No. Folio Title Composer Parts Notes
1.   1v-4 O Maria salvatoris Mater Browne, JohnJohn Browne 8
2.   4v-8 Gaude flore virginali Kellyk, HughHugh Kellyk 7
3.   8v-9v O Maria plena gratiae Lambe, WalterWalter Lambe 6 requested; fragmentary
4.   10-11 Gaude flore virginali Davy, RichardRichard Davy 6 fragmentary (opening left page missing)
5.   11v-14 Stabat Mater dolorosa Browne, JohnJohn Browne 6
6.   14v O Regina caelestis gloriae I Lambe, WalterWalter Lambe 6 fragmentary
7.   15-17 Stabat virgo mater Christi I Browne, JohnJohn Browne 6 fragmentary**
8.   17v-19 Stabat iuxta Christi crucem Browne, JohnJohn Browne 6
9.   19v-22 O Regina mundi clara Browne, JohnJohn Browne 6
10.   22v-25 Gaude virgo mater Christi Sturton, EdmundEdmund Sturton 6
11.   25v O virgo prudentissima Wylkynson, RobertRobert Wylkynson 6 fragmentary
12.   Gaude flore virginali Wylkynson, RobertRobert Wylkynson 6 missing
13.   Salve regina vas mundicie Fawkner 6 missing
14.   26 Gaude flore virginali Cornysh, WilliamWilliam Cornysh 6 fragmentary
15.   26v-29 Salve Regina I Wylkynson, RobertRobert Wylkynson 9
16.   29v-30 Salve Regina Brygeman, WilliamWilliam Brygeman 5 fragmentary
17.   30v-32 Salve Regina Horwud, WilliamWilliam Horwud 5
18.   32v-34 Salve Regina Davy, RichardRichard Davy 5
19.   34v-36 Salve Regina Cornysh, WilliamWilliam Cornysh 5
20.   36v-38 Salve Regina I Browne, JohnJohn Browne 5
21.   38v-40 Salve Regina Lambe, WalterWalter Lambe 5
22.   40v-42 Salve Regina Sutton, JohnJohn Sutton 7
23.   42v-44 Salve Regina Hacomplaynt, RobertRobert Hacomplaynt 5
24.   44v-46 Salve Regina Huchyn, NicholasNicholas Huchyn 5
25.   46v-48 Salve Regina II Wylkynson, RobertRobert Wylkynson 5
26.   48v-50 Salve Regina Fayrfax, RobertRobert Fayrfax 5
27.   50v-52 Salve Regina Hygons, RichardRichard Hygons 5
28.   52v-54 Salve Regina II Browne, JohnJohn Browne 5
29.   54v-56 Salve Regina Hampton, JohnJohn Hampton 5
30.   56v-59 O Domine caeli terraeque Davy, RichardRichard Davy 5
31.   59v-62 Salve Jesu Mater vera Davy, RichardRichard Davy 5
32.   62v-65 Stabat mater dolorosa Davy, RichardRichard Davy 5
33.   65v-68 Virgo templum Trinitas Davy, RichardRichard Davy 5
34.   68v-71 In honore summae matris Davy, RichardRichard Davy 5
35.   71v-74 O Maria et Elizabeth Banester, GilbertGilbert Banester 5
36.   74v-76 Gaude flore virginali Horwud, WilliamWilliam Horwud 5
37.   76v-77v Gaude virgo Mater Christi Horwud, WilliamWilliam Horwud 5 fragmentary (final page is lost)
38.   O Regina caelestis gloriae II Lambe, WalterWalter Lambe 5 missing* / requested
39.   Gaude flore virginali I Lambe, WalterWalter Lambe 5 missing
40.   Virgo gaude gloriosa Lambe, WalterWalter Lambe 5 missing
41.   Stabat mater dolorosa Fayrfax, RobertRobert Fayrfax 5 missing
42.   Ave cujus conceptio Fayrfax, RobertRobert Fayrfax 5 missing
43.   Quid cantemus innocentes Fayrfax, RobertRobert Fayrfax 5 missing
44.   Gaude flore virginali Dunstaple, JohnJohn Dunstaple 5 missing
45.   Ave lux totius mundi Browne, JohnJohn Browne 5 missing
46.   Gaude flore virginali Browne, JohnJohn Browne 5 missing
47.   Stabat mater dolorosa I Cornysh, WilliamWilliam Cornysh 5 missing
48.   78-80 Stabat mater dolorosa II Cornysh, WilliamWilliam Cornysh 5 fragmentary
49.   80v-82 Gaude virgo salutata Fawkner 5
50.   82v-85 Gaude rosa sine spina Fawkner 5
51.   85v-87 Gaude flore virginali I Turges, EdmundEdmund Turges 5
52.   87v-88 Nesciens mater Lambe, WalterWalter Lambe 5
53.   88v Salve decus castitatis Wylkynson, RobertRobert Wylkynson 5 fragmentary
54.   89 Ascendit Christus Huchyn, NicholasNicholas Huchyn 5 fragmentary
55.   89v-91v O Mater venerabilis Browne, JohnJohn Browne 5 fragmentary
56.   Ad te purissima virgo Cornysh, WilliamWilliam Cornysh 5 missing
57.   92v-93v Ave lumen gracie Fayrfax, RobertRobert Fayrfax 4 fragmentary; final page is lost
58.   O virgo virginum praeclara Lambe, WalterWalter Lambe 4 missing
59.   94-95 Gaude virgo mater Christi Wylkynson, RobertRobert Wylkynson 4 fragmentary
60.   95v-97 Stabat virgo Mater Christi II Browne, JohnJohn Browne 4
61.   97v-99 Stella caeli Lambe, WalterWalter Lambe 4
62.   99v-101 Ascendit Christus hodie Lambe, WalterWalter Lambe 4
63.   101v-103 Gaude flore virginali II Lambe, WalterWalter Lambe 4
64.   103v-105 Gaude flore virginali II Turges, EdmundEdmund Turges 4
65.   105v-106 Ave Maria Mater Dei Cornysh, WilliamWilliam Cornysh 4
66.   106v-108 Gaude virgo Mater Christi Cornysh, WilliamWilliam Cornysh 4
67.   108v-110v Gaude Virgo salutata Holyngborne 4 fragmentary
68.   Magnificat I Browne, JohnJohn Browne 7 missing
69.   Magnificat I Davy, RichardRichard Davy 4 missing
70.   111 Magnificat Nesbett, JohnJohn Nesbett 5 fragmentary*
71.   111v-113 Magnificat Horwud, WilliamWilliam Horwud 5
72.   113v-116 Magnificat Kellyk, HughHugh Kellyk 5
73.   116v-118 Magnificat octavi toni Lambe, WalterWalter Lambe 5 requested
74.   118v Magnificat II Browne, JohnJohn Browne 5 fragmentary
75.   Magnificat 'Regale' Fayrfax, RobertRobert Fayrfax 5 missing*
76.   Magnificat Brygeman, WilliamWilliam Brygeman 5 missing
77.   Magnificat I Wylkynson, RobertRobert Wylkynson 5 missing
78.   Magnificat II Mychelson, RobertRobert Mychelson 5 missing
79.   119-119v Magnificat II Wylkynson, RobertRobert Wylkynson 6
80.   Magnificat Cornysh, WilliamWilliam Cornysh 5 missing
81.   Magnificat III Browne, JohnJohn Browne 5 missing
82.   120-120v Magnificat I Sygar, JohnJohn Sygar 4 fragmentary
83.   Magnificat IV Browne, JohnJohn Browne 4 missing
84.   Magnificat I Turges, EdmundEdmund Turges 4 missing
85.   Magnificat II Turges, EdmundEdmund Turges 4 missing
86.   Magnificat I Baldwin, JohnJohn Baldwin 4 missing
87.   Magnificat II Sygar, JohnJohn Sygar 4 missing
88.   Magnificat II Baldwin, JohnJohn Baldwin 4 missing
89.   Magnificat III Turges, EdmundEdmund Turges 4 missing
90.   121 Magnificat II Davy, RichardRichard Davy 5 fragmentary
91.   121v-123 Magnificat William of Stratford 4
92.   124-126 Passio Domini in ramis palmarum Davy, RichardRichard Davy 4 fragmentary
93.   126v Jesus autem transiens / Credo in Deum Wylkynson, RobertRobert Wylkynson 13

Works at CPDL

No. Title Composer Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
1 O Maria salvatoris Mater John Browne Sacred Motets 8 SAATTTBB
2 Gaude flore virginali Hugh Kellyk Sacred Motets 7 SATTTBB
4 Gaude flore virginali Richard Davy Sacred Antiphons 6/7 SSSATTB
10 Gaude virgo mater Christi Edmund Sturton Sacred Motets 6 ATTTBB
18 Salve Regina Richard Davy Sacred Votive antiphons 5/6 SSATTB
19 Salve Regina William Cornysh Sacred Votive antiphons 5 SATTB
20 Salve Regina I John Browne Sacred Votive antiphons 5 SATTB
21 Salve Regina Walter Lambe Sacred Motets 5 SATTB
26 Salve Regina Robert Fayrfax Sacred Motets 5 SATTB
31 Salve Jesu Mater vera Richard Davy Sacred Antiphons 5 SSATB
35 O Maria et Elizabeth Gilbert Banester Sacred Motets 5 SATTB
36 Gaude flore virginali William Horwood Sacred Motets 5 SATTB
51 Gaude flore virginali a 5 Edmund Turges Sacred Motets 5 SSATB
52 Nesciens mater Walter Lambe Sacred Motets 5 SATTB
57 Ave lumen gratiae Robert Fayrfax Sacred Motets 4 TTBB
59 Gaude Virgo Mater Christi Robert Wylkynson Sacred Antiphons 4 AATB
61 Stella caeli Walter Lambe Sacred Motets 4 SATB
71 Magnificat William Horwood Sacred Evening Canticles 5 SATTB
72 Magnificat Hugh Kellyk Sacred Evening Canticles 5 SATTB
73 Magnificat octavi toni Walter Lambe Sacred Evening Canticles 5 SATTB
75 Magnificat regale Robert Fayrfax Sacred Evening Canticles 5 SATTB
82 Magnificat John Sygar Sacred Liturgical music 4 SATB
93 Jesus autem transiens / Credo in Deum Robert Wylkynson Sacred Canons 13 13 equal voices

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