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Alias: Felix Anerius


Born: 1560

Died: 27 September 1614


Felice Anerio was an Italian composer of the late Renaissance and early Baroque eras, and a member of the Roman School of composers. He was the older brother of another important, and somewhat more progressive, composer of the same period, Giovanni Francesco Anerio.

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  • Madrigali spirituali … libro primo, 5vv (Rome, 1585)
  • Madrigali spirituali … secondo libro, 5vv (Rome, 1585)
  • Sacri hymni, et cantica … liber primus, 8vv (Venice, 1596)
  • Sacri hymni et cantica … liber secundus, 5, 6, 8vv (Rome, 1602)
  • Responsoria ad lectiones divini officii feriae quartae, quintae, et sextae sanctae hebdomadae, 4vv (Rome, 1606)


  • Canzonette … libro primo, 4vv (Venice, 1586)
  • Il primo libro de madrigali, 5, 8vv (Venice, 1587)
  • Primo libro de madrigali, 6vv (Venice, 1590)
  • Madrigali, 3vv (Venice, 1598)
  • Madrigali, libro secondo, 6vv (Rome, 1602)

as Editor

Together with Francesco Soriano, Anerio also edited the so-called 'Medician Gradual'

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