Francesco Soriano

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Aliases: Francesco Suriano; Franciscus Sorianus


Born: c.1548-9

Died: 19 July 1621

Biography Soriano was a choirboy at St. John Lateran's Basilica under Palestrina, whose Missa Papae Marcelli he later arranged for double choir. After serving the court of Mantua (1581-1586) he returned to Rome, becoming director at St. John's in 1603 where, from 1608, he worked with the organist Girolamo Frescobaldi. With Felice Anerio he edited the Editio medicaea or Medician Graduale of 1614, said to be a continuation of Palestrina's 1577 project to revise the Gregorian chant.

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Secular works

Madrigals for three voices

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  • Il primo libro di madrigali, 5vv (Venice, 1581)
  • Il secondo libro di madrigali, 5vv (Rome, 1592)
  • Motectorum, 8vv (Rome, 1597)
  • Il primo libro di madrigali, 4–6vv (Rome, 1601)
  • Il secondo libro di madrigali, 4–6vv (1602? lost)
  • Missarum liber primus, 4–6, 8vv (Rome, 1609) [incl. arr. Palestrina's Missa Papae Marcelli]; ed. K. Proske, Selectus novus missarum, (Regensburg, 1857, 1861)
  • Canoni et oblighi di 110 sorte, sopra l'Ave maris stella, 3–8vv (Rome, 1610)
  • Psalmi et motecta, 8, 12, 16vv (Venice, 1616)
  • Passio D.N. Jesu Christe secundum quatuor Evangelistas, Magnificat, sequentia fidelium defunctorum, una cum responsorio, 4vv (Rome, 1619) 12 pieces ed. in Musica divina iii (Regensburg, 1859, 1863)

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