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If in the "Instrument List" window the column of channel numbers are all the same, when you save this score as a MIDI file all the notes will appear on a single G-Clef staff, and the SATB (or other voice structure) will be lost when the MIDI file is read in by any notation program (including the Finale program that made it!) To make a "proper" midi file in Finale, where each staff appears separately when read into a scoring program do the following steps on your PC before saving the MIDI file:

1. Load the Finale File.

2. Make the "Instrument List" window appear by selecting "Window" from the main window tool-bar, and then selecting "Instrument List".

3. Pick a different instrument for each staff name (I used Choir Ahhs for the Soprano staff, Clarinet for Alto, Tenor Sax for Tenor1, Trombone for Tenor2, and Accoustic Bass for Bass). (If there are more staves, use more single-staff instruments.)

4. Pick "Save" from the File menu in the main window tool-bar, and select MIDI from the "save as type" pull-down list in the "Save As" window that appears, and then left-click on the "Save" button.

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