Horatio Colombano

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Aliases: Oratio Columbano; Oratio Columbani


Born: c. 1550, Verona, Italy
Died: 1595
Biography: Student of Costanzo Porta
Biography in Italian

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List of choral works

Sacred works

Secular works

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  • Harmonia super vespertinos omnium solemnitatum psalmos (Venice, 1579)
  • Quinque cantiones (Brescia, 1580)
  • Li dillettevoli Magnificat (Venice, 1583)
  • Armonia super Davidicos Vesperarum Psalmos (Brescia, 1584)
  • Completorium et cantiones (Brescia, 1585)
  • Ad vesperas Davidice modulationes (Venice, 1587)
  • Libro secondo de madrigali a cinque voci (Venice, 1588)
  • Liber secundus sacrarum cantionum (Venice, 1592)
  • Ad completorium psalmi duplices (Venice, 1593)
  • Completorium perfectum (Venice, 1599)

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