Hymns and Worship Songs (John Earwaker)

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Editor: John Kilpatrick (submitted 2008-05-19).   Score information: A4, 20 pages, 150 kB   Copyright: Personal
Edition notes: May be used freely, but please observe the copyright notice under the Credal Hymn (no. 11). A single PDF for the collection and separate PDFs for the individual pieces are available.

General Information

Title: Hymns and Worship Songs
Composer: John Earwaker

Number of voices: 4vv   Voicing: SATB, or unison
Genre: SacredHymn

Language: English
Instruments: Organ

First published: 2008
Description: Hymns and worship songs with music composed or arranged by John Earwaker, and words by John Earwaker and others.

Hymns and worship songs

No. Title Composer Lyricist Arranger Comments
1 My Lord and Saviour is my friend
2 Gracious Spirit, dwell with me
3 O love that will not let me go
4 Thought-provoking Holy Spirit
5 To thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise
6 It is a thing most wonderful
7 Holy Spirit, storm of love
8 We pause at each year's ending
9 You are on earth, Lord Jesus Christ
10 Father who in Christ Doxology
11 We believe in God the Father Credal hymn
12 At this table all are fed Communion hymn
13 When light looked down
14 Father in your holiness Prayer of Jesus
15 In the mercy of God
16 Blessed be God

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Original text and translations

English.png English text

1. My Lord and Saviour is my friend
Who understands my deepest needs;
And all my life with him I’ll spend,
Just glad to follow where he leads.

2. Safe in his arms I rest content,
His love assured, his grace all mine.
Securely held, my one intent
A closer fellowship divine.

3. He died for me; he died for me,
And surely nothing matters more?
He gave his life upon that tree,
And nothing’s as it was before.

4. What love on Calvary was shown,
That self-surrender could succeed!
His shameful cross a glorious throne,
With death itself now dead indeed!

5. All earthly pleasures I resign
For joy of his fraternity.
My life is his, his life is mine;
Together for eternity.

1. Gracious Spirit, dwell with me;
I myself would gracious be,
And with words that help and heal
Would thy life in mine reveal,
And with actions bold and meek
Would for Christ my Saviour speak.

2. Truthful Spirit, dwell with me;
I myself would truthful be,
And with wisdom kind and clear
Let thy life in mine appear,
And with actions neighbourly
Speak my Lord’s sincerity.

3. Silent Spirit, dwell with me;
I myself would quiet be,
Quiet as the growing blade
Which through earth its way has made;
Silently, like morning light,
Putting mists and chills to flight.

4. Mighty Spirit, dwell with me;
I myself would mighty be,
Mighty so as to prevail
Where unaided I must fail;
Ever by a mighty hope
Pressing on and bearing up.

5. Holy Spirit, dwell with me;
I myself would holy be;
Separate from sin, I would
Choose and cherish all things good,
And, whatever I can be,
Give to him who gave me thee.

1. O love that wilt not let me go,
I rest my weary soul in thee;
I give thee back the life I owe,
that in thine ocean depths its flow
may richer, fuller be.

2. O light that followest all my way,
I yield my flickering torch to thee;
my heart restores its borrowed ray,
that in thy sunshine’s blaze its day
may brighter, fairer be.

3. O joy that seekest me through pain,
I cannot close my heart to thee;
I trace the rainbow through the rain,
and feel the promise is not vain,
that morn shall tearless be.

4. O cross that liftest up my head,
I dare not ask to fly from thee;
I lay in dust life’s glory dead,
and from the ground there blossoms red
life that shall endless be.

1. Thought-provoking Holy Spirit:
source of all creative powers;
causing movement, making ripples;
changing fixed and firm ideas.
Through our thoughts yourself revealing;
by the use of ordered mind;
your creative will and purpose
for the whole of human-kind.

2. Word inspiring Holy Spirit:
source of our persuasive powers;
giving challenge, raising questions;
making sense of human lives.
Through our words yourself revealing:
by the use of print and speech;
your infectious will and purpose,
good news spread from each to each.

3. Deed demanding Holy Spirit:
source of life-enabling powers;
living in us, working through us,
showing others we are yours.
Through our deeds yourself revealing;
in each act of love and care;
your inclusive will and purpose,
justice meant for all to share.

1. To thee, O Lord, our hearts we raise
In hymns of adoration,
To thee bring sacrifice of praise
With shouts of exultation:
Bright robes of gold the fields adorn,
The hills with joy are ringing,
The valleys stand so thick with corn
That even they are singing.

2. And now on this our festal day,
Thy bounteous hand confessing,
Upon thine altar, Lord, we lay
The first-fruits of thy blessing:
By thee the souls of men are fed
With gifts of grace supernal;
Thou who dost give us earthly bread,
Give us the Bread eternal.

3. We bear the burden of the day,
And often toil seems dreary;
But labour ends with sunset ray,
And rest comes for the weary:
May we, the angel-reaping o’er,
Stand at the last accepted,
Christ's golden sheaves for evermore
To garners bright elected.

4. O blessed is that land of God
Where saints abide for ever;
Where golden fields spread far and broad,
Where flows the crystal river:
The strains of all its holy throng
With ours today are blending;
Thrice blessed is that harvest-song
Which never hath an ending.

1. It is a thing most wonderful,
Almost too wonderful to be,
That God’s own Son should come from heav’n,
And die to save a child like me.

2. And yet I know that it is true:
He chose a poor and humble lot,
And wept and toiled and mourned and died
For love of those who loved him not.

3. I cannot tell how he could love
A child so weak and full of sin;
His love must be most wonderful,
If he could die my love to win.

4. I sometimes think about the cross,
And shut my eyes and try to see
The cruel nails and crown of thorns,
And Jesus crucified for me.

5. But even could I see him die,
I could but see a little part
Of that great love which, like a fire,
Is always burning in his heart.

6. It is most wonderful to know
His love for me so free and sure;
But ’tis more wonderful to see
My love for him so faint and poor.

7. And yet I want to love thee, Lord!
O light the flame within my heart,
And I will love thee more and more,
Until I see thee as thou art.

1. Holy Spirit, storm of love
break our self-protective walls.
Bring us out and show us why,
nakedly upon the cross,
open to the wind and sky,
Jesus waits and Jesus calls.

2. Show us, in his tortured flesh,
earth‘s Creator on display,
broken by affairs of state,
drinking horror, pain and grief,
arching in the winds of hate,
giving love and life away.

3. Show us how this dying love
entered, bore and understood
all our deep, unconscious drives,
each exploiting, evil thread
woven through our nations’ lives,
all our life apart from God.

4. Thus convicted, claimed and called,
freed, as Christ we freely choose,
washed in love, reborn, re-named,
doing justice, knowing God,
may we witness unashamed,
confident to give good news.

5. News that Jesus is alive,
as the people of the Dove,
going out in praise and prayer,
meet the evils of our time
and the demons of despair
with forgiving, living love.

1. We pause at each year’s ending;
Shall we continue as before
When there’s so much that needs amending?
Can we not trust God’s mercy more?

2. Ten years - there’s no escaping
The unrelenting march of time;
Now we can see life’s pattern shaping
For good or ill, sad or sublime.

3. A hundred years have ended:
The lifespan of our oldest few.
With birth and death both comprehended,
Our lives we dedicate anew.

4. A thousand years are over.
Amazing change the world has seen!
But still our God, the great Jehovah,
Is with us and has always been.

5. Once more our world is turning;
Two thousand years of hist’ry gone.
Faced with the new, we go on learning
From him through whom God’s myst’ry shone.

6. Time now for sober thinking:
The thousand years just passed away
Are in God’s sight the merest blinking,
Eternal life in ev’ry day.

1. You are on earth. Lord Jesus Christ,
of all the jewels that exist,
most precious for possession,
and every day
- befall what may -
you are my heart’s confession.

2. Of all that lives, on earth, above,
none can exceed your faithful love,
and I am well persuaded
that all of life
and even death
are by your love pervaded.

3. Your word is true, it cannot lie,
and on its promise I rely
in every day‘s endeavour.
Your word is true,
I turn to you;
your love will last for ever.

4. The day departs; to you, my Lord,
who are as faithful as your word,
I give myself for keeping. Lord,
let your light
be round me bright,
and guard my soul while sleeping.

Father, who in Christ has loved me;
Saviour, who the Father showed me;
Spirit, now at work within me:
to your holy presence bring me.
Help me all my days to love you;
let my life of service show you;
guide me through this world to know you;
and, in life to come, adore you.

1. We believe in God the Father,
God almighty, by whose plan
earth and heaven sprang to being,
all created things began.
We believe in Christ the Saviour,
Son of God in human frame,
virgin-born, the child of Mary
upon whom the Spirit came.

2. Christ, who on the cross forsaken,
like a lamb to slaughter led,
suffered under Pontius Pilate,
he descended to the dead.
We believe in Jesus risen,
heaven’s king to rule and reign,
to the Father’s side ascended
till as judge he comes again.

3. We believe in God the Spirit;
in one Church, below, above:
saints of God in one communion,
one in holiness and love.
So by faith, our sins forgiven,
Christ our Saviour, Lord and friend,
We shall rise with him in glory
to the life that knows no end.

At this table all are fed;
Come and eat the living bread.
Here's a feast where all may dine,
Take a cup of life-blood wine.
At this altar kneel and pray;
Open up your heart today;
So, with Christ, together see
What with him we all must be.
No one is unwelcome here,
Failures have no need to fear.
Special love for those who've strayed,
Come to have their lives re-made.
Present here, our Jesus lives;
Wonderful the grace he gives.
Bring your troubles and your pain,
Find them turned to joy again.

When Light look down and saw all the darkness,
Light said “Look out, here I come!”

When Truth look down and saw the pretending,
Truth said “Look out, here I come!”

When Right look down and saw the unfairness,
Right said “Look out, here I come!”

When Love look down and saw all the sadness,
Love said “Look out, here I come!”

Father, in your holiness, in your love and power,
Come, fulfil your purposes for us, here and now.
Feed us with ev’rything we need,
Wash away our sinning,
And we’ll hold out to ev’ryone your gift of new beginning.
Father, keep us safe from harm,
Spare us times of testing.
We live under your wonderful regime, and always will.

1. In the mercy of God may we rest (x2)
In the mercy of God (x3) may we rest.

2. In the mercy of God let us sleep (x2)
In the mercy of God (x3) let us sleep.

3. In the mercy of God we find peace (x2)
In the mercy of God (x3) we find peace.

1. Blessed be God, the God of Israel,
With his people to set them free,
Raising up a powerful saviour
Born from David’s fam’ly tree.

2. Prophets of old foretold his coming,
Now the enemy cannot win.
God will keep his promises always
And will bring his kingdom in.

3. This was the oath he swore to Abra’am,
He would rescue us from our foes.
We’d be free to worship him safely,
Knowing we’re the ones he chose.

4. This little child will one day witness
And will help to prepare the way.
Showing people how to escape from
All that’s leading us astray.

5. Tender compassion. gently warm us!
Sun from heaven. your day begin!
Shine on those who live in the darkness:
Light the way we’re walking in.