J'attends secours

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General information

Lyricist: Clément Marot. Chanson V from L'Adolescence clementine (1532). Although Marot wrote three verses, the settings of this text only print the first verse.

Settings by composers


Texts and Translations

French.png French text

J'attends secours de ma seule pensée;
j'attends le jour, que l'on m'éconduira,
ou que du tout la belle me dira:
ami, t'amour sera récompensée.

Mon alliance est fort bien commencée,
Mais je ne sais comment il en ira:
Car, s'elle veut, ma vie périra,
Quoiqu'en amour s'attend d'être avancé.

Si j'ai refus, vienne mort insensée:
A son plaisir de mon coeur jouira.
Si j'ai merci, adonc s'éjouira
Celui qui point n'a sa Dame offensée.

English.png English translation

I await help from my sole thought;
I await the day that I will be dismissed
or that the loveliest of all will say to me:
friend, your love will be repaid.

My union has begun very well,
but I don't know how it will go:
for, if she wishes, my life will perish,
though it expects to be developed in love.

If I’m refused, come meaningless death:
she plays with my heart at her pleasure.
If I receive mercy, it will be glad,
having never offended his Lady.

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